Doctor Who was Jailed for Attacking Nurses Could be Struck off.

A DOCTOR who battered police and hospital workers in a drunken rampage faces being struck off.

Dr Karen Clark punched a nurse in the head, kicked another and dug her nails into a third after being taken to hospital for treatment.

The 36-year-old also attacked cops and was found drunk behind the wheel of her car and was jailed last year for eight months for breaching community payback orders.

She now faces being struck off if she doesn’t change her behaviour after being banned from returning to work for a year by the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service.

The hearing was told Clark, who failed to show up for the tribunal, has not been in touch with her solicitors for three months.

Marianne O’Kane, the tribunal chairwomen, said: “In the absence of any evidence that Dr Clark has expressed remorse or gained any insight into the circumstances that led to her convictions and indeed with evidence of re-offending, there remains a risk of recurrence.

“The tribunal considers that in light of the lack of new information, Dr Clark would be a risk to patients if she was permitted to practise medicine and public confidence would be undermined.”

Troubled Clark  turned to theft and violence after spiralling into alcoholism and has served two prison sentences.

The medic, worked at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, wrote about her battle with the booze in a blog where she revealed how she became addicted to alcohol in her 20s.

She said: “I am Karen. I am an alcoholic and most likely an addict. My substance of choice is alcohol. It has taken me to a place that I can only describe as hell.

“I am a medical doctor (emergency medicine). I discovered alcohol when I was 15. I can only describe taking that first sip as the most amazing euphoric feeling I thought was possible.

“My alcoholism really took off in my 20’s. I functioned for a long time. In the past year I have been in accidents, horribly compromising situations, I have had countless hospital detoxes.”

Clark was working as a senior registrar in the emergency department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary when she started drinking

She was jailed for a total of nine months at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in April 2015 for the attack on the four nurses and four police officers.

Clark also admitted breaking into a hair salon in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, and stealing money, a set of straighteners and hair products in February 2016.

Sheriff Iona McDonald gave her 18 months supervision with an alcohol treatment requirement and told her: “If you don’t deal with the alcohol issue you’ll end up dead.”

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