2021 Shielding End Date in England and Wales Announced

Extremely vulnerable people who have been shielding can now come off as shielding is officially coming to an end from today March, 31st in both England and Wales according to News reports.

The change is coming due to the decline in the number of new cases and hospital admissions from Covid. Letters have been dispatched to affected people estimated to be about 4 million.

Who is considered clinically extremely vulnerable?

According to the NHS Website, clinically vulnerable people are people who have:

  • Have had an organ transplant
  • Are having chemotherapy or antibody treatment for cancer, including immunotherapy
  • Are having an intense course of radiotherapy (radical radiotherapy) for lung cancer
  • Are having targeted cancer treatments that can affect the immune system (such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors)
  • Have blood or bone marrow cancer (such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma)
  • Have had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant in the past 6 months, or are still taking immunosuppressant medicine
  • Have been told by a doctor you have a severe lung condition (such as cystic fibrosis, severe asthma or severe COPD)
  • Have a condition that means you have a very high risk of getting infections (such as SCID or sickle cell)
  • Are taking medicine that makes you much more likely to get infections (such as high doses of steroids or immunosuppressant medicine)
  • Have a serious heart condition and are pregnant
  • Have a problem with your spleen or your spleen has been removed (splenectomy)
  • Are an adult with Down’s syndrome
  • Are an adult who is having dialysis or has severe (stage 5) long-term kidney disease
  • Have been classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, based on clinical judgement and an assessment of your needs

How To Create CGFNS Account For New Zealand Nursing Board

This is a part of New Zealand Board of Nursing Registration series. The first step is registration with CGFNS for verification of foreign credentials. Below is a Step-by-Step guide to creating an account with CGFNS.

Step 1: First complete the application here Register (force.com) . After signing up, you should receive an email from CGFNS, just click on the link inside the email in order to activate your account.

Step 2: Logi into your CGFNS account for New Zealand registration using this link Login (force.com)

Step 3: Click on Service Selector then select the Licensure for New Zealand Board of Nursing and then Select Registered Nurse and click on the submit button.

Step 4: Click on My Profile on the top right hand corner of your CGFNS homepage.

Step 5: Click on Personal Information on the right side and then complete your personal information and click on submit after completing the information. Once the submit button is clicked, the information will be registered. Without clicking the submit button, the information you entered won’t be saved.

Step 6: Repeat the same for Contact Information

Step 7: For Identity document first click on Add New Identity Document and then complete the information and click submit. Repeat the same for your second identity document and click submit to make the information registered.

Step 8: For Education, click Add New Education History and complete each form. Do this for your Primary School, Secondary School and Nursing Education while clicking on the submit button each time you complete the educational history. You won’t be asked to send your primary or secondary school results or transcripts, you only need transcripts from your tertiary or nursing education.

Step 9: Complete the Employment history by adding new employment and don’t forget to click the submit button in order for it to be updated.

Step 10: For licensure repeat the process by including all the jurisdictions where you are registered. Include the dates you write the qualifying exams and click on submit for each licensure. Repeat the same thing for language proficiency, Continuing Education among others and click on submit.

Finally if you haven’t picked your profession before pick Registered Nurse and proceed to make the application fees payment of $300.

Note: After making the payment, you would receive email from CGFNS confirming the payment and asking you to wait for 3 days to receive approval for the download of the forms.

At this point you can proceed to notarize your identity documents. You can do so by making a photocopy of the documents and go with both the original to either police station, post office or court to notarize the photocopy. You will be required to upload the notarized copy later.

If you have current documents with CGFNS USA before now, you can ask CGFNS New Zealand to retrieve the documents so you won’t need to send it to them again.

After like few minutes to three days, you will receive approval from CGFNS to proceed to download your forms and proceed to sending your transcript from your Nursing school, verification from Nursing Boards and employment verification.

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COVID Vaccine: Nurses Fault FG as Alleged Vaccine Sale Surfaces

The Federal Government on Thursday said it was satisfied with the turnout of Nigerians for COVID-19 vaccination as the number of vaccinated persons rose to 325,514.

The Executive Director of the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Faisal Shuiab, who stated this in a text message to one of our correspondents, said the progress recorded was better than what government envisaged.

The NPHCDA boss said this as the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives said it was not carried along in the exercise.

Also on Thursday, as allegations of the sale of the vaccine surfaced in Lagos, the state government challenged anybody with proof of the illegal act to present it.

Recall that Shuaib on Wednesday accused Lagos State of jettisoning the vaccination guidelines of the NPHCDA.

In response to an enquiry by The PUNCH on Thursday, Shuaib wrote, “We have obtained information from Lagos State Honourable Commissioner of Health that they don’t have a parallel system. They explained that it’s the same district health immunisation system 2.”

Asked if he was satisfied with the turnout for the vaccination, he stated, ‘Yes I am. The progress is better than what we anticipated.”

We are not carried along, say nurses

But the National President of the NANNM, Mike Nnachi, in an interview with one of our correspondents, faulted the exercise.

He said he had thought that government would seek the association’s audience in the administration of the vaccine on nurses across the country.

He said, “The thing is that I thought the association would be involved to mobilise our people, but up till now, we have not heard anything.

“Even when it started, I thought the association would be approached. We are ever willing because we are part of government so but when such was not forthcoming, there was nothing I could do.”

When asked if the association was satisfied with the vaccination, Nnachi said, “I thought that we should have been involved because our members are frontline health workers. There is no way the vaccine can be given without a nurse. Everyone knows that it is our core area; administration of injection, but we cannot fight anybody because government is our own. We are part of government.”

E-registration mandatory – Lagos

On his part, the Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi, in a statement on Thursday, urged residents of the state, who were qualified for the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination, to register at registration portal before visiting any of the 88 vaccination sites.

He stated, “We encourage all Lagosians hoping to be vaccinated according to the qualification criteria for phase one to strictly utilise the pre-registration portal provided by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and get a schedule vaccination appointment before visiting the vaccination site as scheduled.”

The commissioner explained that after a successful pre-registration, a vaccination ID would be generated by the portal with a confirmation text message and email sent to each enrollee.

“The generated pre-registration ID, confirmation text message and a valid means of identification are the guarantees that an eligible person who fits into phase one of vaccination would be attended to when he visits any of the 88 vaccination sites as scheduled, to get the COVID vaccine”, he said.

Lagos demands proof as residents decry vaccine sales at centres

Meanwhile, some Twitter users on Thursday alleged that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine was being sold in Lagos.

A twitter user, @irizzzy alleged that the vaccine was being sold for N100,000, while @ulxma said she witnessed the vaccine being sold at Ikate Primary Health Centre.

@irizzzy wrote, “100k for vaccine? Nigeria is gone.”

Also, @ulxma, wrote, “I think the people who dragged that lady for saying that Nigerian health centres are selling the vaccine owe her a huge apology. I’m presently at a health centre in Ikate and people are coming with SUVs and having vaccine sold to them before our very eyes. I’m pissed!”

But the state Commissioner for Information, Mr Gbenga Omotoso, challenged anyone with the proof that the COVID-19 vaccine was being sold to come forward.

Omotoso, in an interview with one of our correspondents, also said it was not true that the state had a separate portal for the registration.

“Lagos is still leading other states in the vaccination drive. We have vaccinated over 88,000 people now. Many other states have yet to start. There are hitches here and there, but not the type that cannot be surmounted. Most of the problems we have come from the slowness of the server of the portal and the network issues. Such problems have been causing congestion at the vaccination centres.

“The people that are entitled to it are well spelt out; frontline workers, who could even be drivers of ambulances, doctors, nurses, laboratory attendants, policemen, journalists and the military people. People have said that foreigners are being given preferential treatment because they have been able to bribe officials. That is wrong. You can be a foreigner and be a frontline worker.

“Lagos has no portal apart from the one that the Federal Government has created and we are not ready to follow any other protocol apart from the one from the Federal Government. It could be a kind of misunderstanding that must have been sorted out now.

“Anybody with a proof of where COVID-19 vaccine is being sold in Lagos should bring the proof. I can assure the person that the Lagos State Government is going to punish whoever is involved. That was what they said about the Police Clinic in Falomo and we made an unscheduled visit to the place today (Thursday). We saw what was going on there and it was in order. The only problem they have is that they don’t have enough cards and people were complaining that they have been there for long.”

Also reacting to the allegation, the National President of NANNM, Nnachi, warned members of the association against involving in the illegal act.

He said “I am not aware of that. Government has said that it must not be sold. If anybody does that, that person is working against the government.”

The Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr Adetunji Adenekan, said he was not aware that COVID-19 vaccine was being sold in the state.

He said, “The NMA Lagos is satisfied with the way the vaccination is being carried out in the state so far. What we are trying to do is to encourage all our members to go for the vaccination.

“An appreciable number of our members have been vaccinated, but we want more of them to go for the vaccination.

“Whatever hiccups that have been noticed are just mild administrative lapses and they are usually corrected immediately.”

Adenekan said a total of 33,672 health workers have been vaccinated so far in Lagos State.

Out of 325,514 Nigerians that took the vaccine as of Wednesday, 30,704 people were vaccinated in Ogun State, Bauchi, 30, 538, Kaduna, 24,745 and Jigawa, 22,265.

As of Tuesday, Nigeria had vaccinated 215,277 persons.

Credit: Lagos kicks, nurses fault FG as alleged vaccine sale surfaces (msn.com)

You Can Now Book Your Day 2 & Day 8 Covid Testing Package for £170

International arrivals to the United Kingdom who are aged 5 years and above are mandated to purchase the Day 2 and Day 8 COVID Testing package before their arrival. The reference which serves as evidence of purchase must be entered into the Passenger locator form which must be filled within 2 days before your travel. This is in addition to providing a negative COVID result for those who are aged 11years and above.

Many international travellers tend to use only CTM because the direct link to the test provider is located on the passenger locator form. However, many travelllers are not aware that there are cheaper alternatives approved by the UK government to carry out the Day 2 and Day 8 COVID test. You can save as much as £40 by ordering your test package from another service provider rather than paying £210.

Below are the list of providers where you can order Day 2 and Day 8 COVID Testing Kits at a Cheaper rate:


Click on the name in the first column to go to the homepage of the lab, don’t forget to share with others

Now Test, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England)info.form@nowtest.com+44 (0)20 3488 7870£170.00 
Nationwide Pathology Limited, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England)covid@nationwidepathology.co.uk+44 (0)1858 571 322£175.00 
Latus Health, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England)covidtesting@latushealth.co.uk+44 (0)844 351 0378£175.00 
001 Doctor UK, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England)tests@001doctor.uk+44 (0)20 8087 2469£170.00 
Expert Medicals, partnered with OncologicaNationwide (England)mail@expert-medicals.co.uk+44 (0)1274 397 650£190.00 

How To Request For Verification With UK NMC

Many registered Nurses in the UK might want to migrate to other countries like Canada, Australia, USA among other countries for various reasons and might be required to send verification from the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council. To nurses who are not familiar with the process of requesting for verification, below is the process.

Step 1: Login into your UK NMC online account NMC Online Services (nmc-uk.org)

Step 2: Click on My Registration at the top of your account

Step 3: Click on the last option on the drop down which is Certificate of Current Professional Status

Step 4: Select YES to all the statements and click NEXT

Step 5: Select the country where the organization you are sending the verification is domicile among the country list in the dropdown menu. For instance if your verification is going to CGFNS, select USA.

Step 6: Licensing or Registration Board select the name of the organization you are sending it to. For instance CGFNS. Immediately after selecting the name of the organization you are sending it to, the address will be displayed.

Step 7: Then input your CGFNS order number into the space in front of Application reference number, this makes your verification easy to track.

Step 8: Tick the box in front of the statement I understand that by signing up to this process my data will be transferred outside the EU/EEA and that I may have fewer or different rights once my data has left the UK and click on submit. You should receive an email after your CCPS is ready and will be asked to make the payment

Step 9: Login into your NMC online account NMC Online Services (nmc-uk.org) and make the payment of £34 with either a credit or debit card. You must make this payment within 28 days otherwise the generated certificate will expire and you will need to reapply.

Step 10: Once payment is made you will receive another email from NMC confirming that your verification has been shared with your chosen organization. Then wait between 3 to 14 days to have it appear on your portal with CGFNS.

Note: Discard the form you downloaded from CGFNS as you don’t need it for UK NMC verification of your UK License.

Free NMC CBT Test For Nurses 2021

Here is a free UK NMC CBT for overseas Nurses practice questions which will come into effect from August 2021. The right answers are bolded

  1. Which of the following describes a quantitative method of research? Choose the correct answer.

Exploring a phenomenon by interviewing participants

Collating people’s views and opinions

Collection of numerical data

Reviewing published research

2. Choose the four themes of NMC’s ‘The Code’. Choose the correct answer.

Prioritise patients, practise within your limits, preserve others, promote wellbeing

Prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety, promote professionalism and trust

Prioritise staff, practise safely, preserve wellbeing, promote health

Prioritise yourself, practise with pride, preserve health, promote the NHS

3. When caring for a patient who is Jehovah’s Witness (JW), suffering a severe haemorrhage, what do you consider? Choose the correct answer.

They are not to receive blood or blood products

They are to be cared for by professionals who are JW

They are not to be sedated

They are not to be resuscitated

4. When caring for a patient who does not speak English, how do you obtain information from the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Ask a family member to translate

Use a face-to-face or online translator

Find the information you need from medical notes

Ask the patient to draw pictures

5. When a drug error occurs and the patient has been assessed for any harm, what is the next priority? Choose the correct answer.

Inform the patient of what has happened

Continue your drug round

Continue to administer the next dose

Call the patient’s family

6. The HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccination prevents which disease? Choose the correct answer.

Cervical cancer

Bowel cancer

Testicular cancer

Ovarian cancer

7. Which of the following professions are specifically trained in smoking cessation? Choose the correct answer.





8. Which of the following diseases is notifiable to Public Health England? Choose the correct answer.



Human papillomavirus

Clostridium difficile

9. Which of the following is a health visitor’s responsibility? Choose the correct answer.

Administering immunisations

Giving emergency first aid and treatment in a crisis

Supporting the physical and emotional growth of a child

Assessing speech and language development

10. What are the common complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels in diabetic patients? Choose the correct answer.

Renal failure, joint pain, urinary incontinence

Retinopathy, peripheral vascular disease, renal failure

Peripheral vascular disease, irritable bowels, liver failure

Retinopathy, memory loss, joint pain

11. A doctor requests a lactate test to be taken from a very unwell patient. What type of sample is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Blood gas

Urine sample

Stool sample

Full blood count

12. Scale 2 on the NEWS 2 chart is used for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Those receiving intravenous therapy

Carbon dioxide retaining patients

Those with a urinary catheter

Those who have been exposed to carbon monoxide

13. Patients with chronic pain conditions are screened for which of the following? Choose the correct answer.

Low mood and depression

Coronary heart disease

Bowel cancer


14. Which of the following groups has the highest rates of suicide? Choose the correct answer.



Elderly over 75

Children under 18

15. A patient presents with a productive cough, low saturations, high respiration rate, raised lactate with NEWS2 of 9. Which of the following does this indicate? Choose the correct answer.

Bowel obstruction

Chest sepsis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Myocardial infarction

16. Prior to surgery how long are oral fluids withheld? Choose the correct answer.

30 minutes

4 hours

2 hours

6 hours

17. What group of drugs are used in patient-controlled analgesia? Choose the correct answer.




Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

18. Patients who are put on furosemide are warned of which common side effect? Choose the correct answer.





19. You have a patient who is choking. You have administered 5 back slaps with no success. What is the next step? Choose the correct answer.

Start basic life support

Give 5 abdominal thrusts

Give 5 more back slaps

Monitor the patient

20. You are caring for a patient who has a stoma formation and they are ready for discharge. What advice do you give the patient? Choose the correct answer.

Wait until the bag is full before changing it and clean with soapy water

Use perfumed soaps to aid odour control

Clean with water, trying to keep faecal fluid away from skin to minimise irritation

21. Keep the area moist when changing the bag, advocating the use of oils to help the surrounding skin

What is the responsibility of an occupational therapist? Choose the correct answer.

Supporting people whose health may prevent them from completing their normal activity

Assessing someone’s ability to see

Reviewing and adjusting prescribed medication

Assessing injury or damage in a patient

22. Whose role is it to lobby the government to support nurses and make positive change to the profession and working conditions? Choose the correct answer.

The individual teams of nurses

Nursing unions

Chief executive of the trust

The human resources department

23. What does it mean to ‘performance manage’ an employee? Choose the correct answer.

When a person is promoted

When performance is exceeding the expected level

When someone is being dismissed from their work place

Developing a person to fulfil the expectations of their role

24. When running a ward or unit, which of the following is the priority at the start of the shift? Choose the correct answer.

To give out the breakfasts

Check the staff numbers match patient acuity

Calling and updating family/carers on patients’ conditions

Make sure a doctor is on the ward

25. When supervising a student nurse, when do you deliver feedback? Choose the correct answer.

Feedback is provided by the university so you do not need to deliver this

At the end of the placement

At the midpoint and end of a placement

Continuously throughout the placement

26. What is a ‘whistle blowing policy’? Choose the correct answer.

A policy that guides staff on raising concerns about safety and practice

A government-led policy that advises trusts on care

A policy that helps employers manage staff

A major incident policy

27. When undertaking research, what is the first step? Choose the correct answer.

Applying for ethical approval

Recruiting a team of people to help you

Selecting a topic

Collecting the data

28. What is the main purpose of a root cause analysis? Choose the correct answer.

To ensure that reoccurrence is avoided

To identify who was responsible for the incident  and performance manage them

To provide data of the incident to the Department of Health

To assess if those involved require compensation

29. Who will notify an emergency department that a major external incident has occurred? Choose the correct answer.

The ambulance service lead

The nurse in charge of the department

The hospital press lead

The reception lead

30. When noticing that a colleague is suffering from low mood and depression, what actions should be taken? Choose the correct answer.

Provide support and guide them to wellbeing services

Contact their next of kin and discuss

Inform their manager, without telling the colleague

Refer them to occupational health without discussion

31. What has been implemented to ensure that nurses are fit to care holistically for patients with a variety of  conditions? Choose the correct answer.

New pre-registration education standards

Ensuring students have maths and English GSCE

Preceptorships training

Royal College of Nursing online modules

32. Who is in attendance at a child protection case conference? Choose the correct answer.

Health services only

The team supporting the parent or carer only

All those who are involved with the family from health, education and social services

Social services only

33. What document could help a nurse understand the preferences of a patient with dementia? Choose the correct answer.

A handover sheet

The patient’s drug chart

A ‘This is Me’ document

The most recent discharge summary

34. Who should be notified when attending hospital with a school child aged 8? Choose the correct answer.

School teacher


Local children’s centre

School nurse/public health community nurse team

35. There is a requirement to increase nursing staff on a ward due to an increase in patient demand, what steps are taken? Choose the correct answer.

Reduce the number of patients admitted to the ward

A business case is written to increase nursing staff numbers

Go directly to Human Resources (HR) and ask them to recruit

Ask the team to increase their working hours

36. When failing a student nurse for professional values, what steps are taken before the end of the placement? Choose the correct answer.

Inform your line manager so they can inform the student

Contact the university and get them to inform the student they have failed the placement

A midpoint interview where you are able to give feedback and allow the student to develop an action plan to achieve

No steps required as long as the fail is documented clearly in the assessment document

37. Which of the following is a framework used to identify areas for development? Choose the correct answer.

SWOT analysis

SLOT analysis

SWOL analysis

SNOT analysis

38. According to Rogers’ Theory of Nursing, which of the following are described as ‘core conditions’ to effective communication? Choose the correct answer.

Spiritual understanding, sympathy, congruence

Sympathy, respect, regard

Empathy, respect, honesty

Congruence, empathy, respect

39. Motivational interviewing is best described as… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

a method of assisting people with health behaviour change.

a tool used in peer supervision.

a tool used in appraising staff for development.

a method used to encourage people to adhere to discharge advice.

40. What is the best method of delivering advice to patients with a new diagnosis of a long-term condition? Choose the correct answer.

Advise the patients to look up any questions about the diagnosis on the internet

Ensure there is a range of materials available and present for the patient to take home after the consultation

Information and diagnosis is given by a consultant so questions can be answered effectively

Give all the information all at once

41. ANTT refers to… Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

Aseptic Non Transmission Technique.

ANtiseptic Touch Technique.

Aseptic Non Touch Technique.

ANtiseptic Treatment Technique.

42. Which of the following is considered an aerosol generating procedure? Choose the correct answer.

Assisting with oral medication

Blood Transfusions

Performing oral hygiene, teeth brushing

Mechanical ventilation

43. A wheeze is commonly heard on auscultation in which of the following conditions? Choose the correct answer.

Pleural effusion

Pulmonary oedema


Acute asthma

44. Haematemesis refers to what condition? Choose the correct answer.

Blood in the stool

Blood in the sputum

Blood in the urine

Blood in the vomit

45. When caring for patients at the end of life, a family reports that they are concerned that the patient is suffering from dehydration. What action is taken? Choose the correct answer.

Ask the family to encourage oral fluids more regularly

Start measuring the urine output to diagnose dehydration

Ensure subcutaneous fluids are commenced

Advise the family this is a common symptom that is unable to be resolved

46. A person over the age of 70 with a respiratory disease is encouraged to obtain which of the following immunisations? Choose the correct answer.


Meningitis B

Human papillomavirus


47. What medication is given to someone to prevent the long term disabling effects of an acute ischaemic stroke? Choose the correct answer.





48. When discharging an adult with an acute wound, who is the patient referred to for wound care in the community? Choose the correct answer.

The local emergency department

The General Practitioner

Local community hospital

District nursing team

49. Research suggested that the majority of in hospital cardiac arrests were avoidable. This led to the introduction of what? Choose the correct answer.

Sliding scales

Datix reporting

Liverpool Care Pathway

National Early Warning Score

50. A ‘This is Me’ document is implemented to aid in care for which patient group? Choose the correct answer.

Patients undergoing routine surgery

Patients with dementia


Patients with diabetes

Credit: NMC/Pearson

Obaseki Pledges Support for Catholic School of Nursing and Midwifery, Uzairue

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has assured that the state government will support the Catholic School of Nursing and Midwifery, Uzairue in Etsako-West Local Government Area, as part of commitment to strengthen the healthcare system in the state.

Obaseki gave the assurance at the Centenary Birthday Thanksgiving celebration of Msgr. Thomas Oleghe and 18th Canonical Erection Anniversary of the Catholic Diocese of Auchi.

He said: “It is not often to celebrate a centenarian in our society. Today, we are celebrating Msgr. Thomas Oleghe who is a centenarian and has contributed to the development of the community.

“We are celebrating the 18th year anniversary of this diocese, celebrating a centenarian and citizens in the state who have distinguished themselves in service to humanity and God.

Obaseki continued: “I thank the Bishop for the support given to our government and the work done to stabilize our government and state.

“I am excited and glad to see that the Catholic Church is supporting the state in strengthening the healthcare system by establishing its own school of Nursing and Midwifery. This is not your responsibility but that of the state, but in your own kindness and magnanimity as a church, you have played this role.

“I want to let you know that the state will support you and not shy away from its responsibility. Whatever is left to complete the hostel accommodation required for that school will now be taken over and completed by the state government. All I have asked of your Lordship, if possible, is to name the hostel after Msgr. Oleghe.”

The highpoint of the event was the investiture of three Papal Chamberlains, 23 Knights and Medalists.

Credit: Nigerian Observer News

Imo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Orlu Might Be Banned

The Imo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Orlu may come under the hammer of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria(NMCN), following reports that the state government is interfering with the administration of the institution.

It was gathered that the state commissoner for education, Prof. Bernard Ikegwuoha has developed a penchant for interfering with the school’s activities especially as it affects their examinations.

This, many staff and students fear will be detrimental to the college before the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

According to some academic staff of the college, the commissoner had recently ordered the College Examination Officer, Mrs. Stellamaris Okechukwu to cancel students promotion resit examinations scheduled for 25th and 26th of February, 2021.

This examination cancellation by the commissioner, it was learned, incited some students to hold the Examination Officer hostage at her office for hours threatening to attack her if she did not continue with the examination.

It took the timely intervention of the security officers of the College to save the Examination Officer from the students.

Before the latest incident, Commissioner Ikegwuoha was said to have disrupted the first semester examinations of the 2019/2020 set of students that held in July of 2020 and the General Nursing Council Examination (GNCE) that held in August of 2020, because some recalcitrant students did not want a re-sit for the courses failed.

This action, it was gathered, almost resulted in the cancellation of the August 2020 GNCE by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and closure of the College.

In the latest edition of the General Nursing Curriculum, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria insists that “The student shall be allowed to resit any failed course. A maximum of three courses shall be allowed for resit per semester.”

One of the staff said, “This was what some government officials did in 2018 when they illegally removed Princess Ngozi Duru as the college provost. One of the consequences was that the college posted abysmally poor results as reports from Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, November 2018 General Nursing Council Examination result list, showed that our college had 38.33 percentage pass because students who failed examinations were allowed to continue. But, when Princess Duru was reinstated in 2020, our students posted a record breaking 100 percentage pass with about 14 students making credit in the November 2020 General Nursing Council Examination. That singular result ranked us as the best college of nursing in Nigeria.

“How can students who failed the College examinations dictate how or when they will resit for the examination? Some recalcitrant students went to the Commissioner for Education and complained about their resit examinations and without inquiries Ikegwuoha cancelled the promotion resit examination scheduled by the College. They want to pass exams without sitting for them. The truth remains that the Commissioner for Education and some persons are playing politics with this College of Nursing in Orlu which is so sad, it is jeopardizing the life of innocent students in the College.”

The staff also accused the commissioner of disregarding the provisions of the Curriculum of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and the Edict of the College in the appointment of the acting provost of the College, Mrs. Hannah Offor.

It was gathered that Offor was only employed in the College in 2018 and was still undergoing probation before she was appointed as the acting provost of the institution by the commissioner even without possessing the minimum requirements of Masters in Nursing Science.

According to the latest Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria curriculum, ”The head of a school/ College shall be a registered Nurse educator with first degree in Nursing and minimum of master’s degree in Nursing.”

The staff wondered why Prof. B.T.O. Ikegwuoha would appoint Offor as Acting Provost ahead of three other qualified, confirmed and experienced academic staff of the institution.

When our correspondent met Prof. Ikegwuoha in his office, the commissoner asked our correspondent to visit the college to get any required clarification.

Source: The Nation Newspaper

NUC Upgrades Bachelor of Physiotherapy Programme to Doctor of Physiotherapy

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has upgraded the programme and curriculum of Bachelor of Physiotherapy/Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation, which was a five year programme to Doctor of physiotherapy, now a six years programme.

The introduction of the new curriculum is contained in a recent circular jointly signed by the Registrar, Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria (MRTB) Dr (Mrs) Olufunke Taibat Akanle and Board Chairman, Dr (Mrs) Umo Edet Udom, addressed to all vice-chancellors, provosts, dean of faculties, and heads of departments of all tertiary institutions in the country.

The Registrar explained the essence of the adjustment was to raise practice standards in the profession as well as to meet knowledge and skills gap in the management of current prevailing non-communicable diseases.

“I write on behalf of the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria (MRTB), established by degree 38 of 1988/Acts M9 LFN 2004, for the regulation and control of training and practice of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Chiropractic and Osteopathic Medicine in the health sector in Nigeria to formally draw your attention to the approval of the commencement of Doctor of Physiotherapy training (DPT) in Nigeria and hence to introduce to all the existing academic institutions running Physiotherapy training programme and institutions interested in running Physiotherapy programme to the upgrading of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) programme  to DPT.

“This is in line with our statutory function of determining the standards to meet with the knowledge and skills demand in the management of current prevailing non-communicable diseases, and scale up all the necessary areas of specialisation that are needed to equip our students for the task ahead. Also to raise the standards of training of Physiotherapy in Nigeria to meet best practices”, she stated.

Although the NUC had earlier notified the MRTB Registrar on the conclusion of the upgrading exercise about three years ago, but it appears the circular was not delivered until recently.

In a circular dated 21 June 2018, signed by Director, Academic Planning Dr G.B Kumo, on behalf of the Executive Secretary, NUC, the conclusion of processes for the review of the curriculum of Bachelor of Physiotherapy to Doctor of Physiotherapy was confirmed, and 10 copies of the approved Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) were stated to have been sent to the MRTB.

The Executive Secretary wrote: “I am directed to appreciate the Registrar/CEO and the MRTB for partnering with the Commission in sponsoring the review and upgrading of BMAS for the B.Sc Physiotherapy/B.Sc Medical Rehabilation Programme (5 years) to Doctor of Physiotherapy (6 Years).

“I am to confirm that the review/upgrading exercise has been concluded successfully and ten copies of the finalized BMAS for Doctor of Physiotherapy are hereby forwarded to the MRTB for its information”, he stated.

Credit: NUC Upgrades Bachelor of Physiotherapy to Doctor of Physiotherapy (pharmanewsonline.com)

Step-by-Step Guide to New Zealand to Australia Nurse Registration

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the easiest way to migrate to Australia as a foreign educated/overseas nurse through the New Zealand Nursing Board. I am going to take you hand in hand through the registration process.

Australia Nursing Board introduced the new Stream and OBA route which makes direct registration as an overseas nurses super expensive. The easiest and cheapest route is through the New Zealand Board of Nursing. You first apply and get registered as a nurse in New Zealand then you simply endorse it to Australia. Let get started!


Below are the requirements needed before you can start the registration process:

  1. A Bachelor degree in Nursing (Nursing Certificate is now allowed)
  2. Two forms of identity cards usually your international passport and any other government issued identity card. You will need to make photocopies of these documents and notarized the photocopy. Then you will need to upload the notarized copy.
  3. Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/OET): Academic IELTS with a score of 7 in each band. You can club/combine IELTS provided you sat for both IELTS within 6 months apart and no score is less than 6.5. You must however still have a score of 7 in all modules even when combine IELTS. If you had your Nursing education in USA, UK, Canada and Ireland or you are currently a registered Nurse in any of the listed countries, English language will be waived for you.

Note: IELTS for New Zealand Nurse registration is valid for 3 years and not 2 years like other countries.

4. At least a minimum of two (2) years work experience within the last five years. If you have worked in UK, USA, Canada or Ireland you will be registered directly and won’t need to undergo the 6 to 12 weeks adaptation course.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Gather the above requirement especially notarization of your passport and ID card

Step 2: Create an account with New Zealand CGFNS by going to the link Register (force.com)

Step 3: Complete the CGFNS Application form. You can apply for English waiver if you are practicing as a Nurse in one of the aforementioned countries at this stage. See the guide on how to complete CGFNS Application form. Note: if you have an account with USA CGFNS for NCLEX purpose, you can ask CGFNS New Zealand to help you import your transcripts and verification into your profile so you won’t need to send another verification.

Step 4: Make payment for your CGFNS application. This cost $300 (Exchange rate varies if you are using your local card).

Step 5: Receive a mail from CGFNS confirming your payment and informing you to wait for 2-3 days before your forms are available for download. After few hours or a day, you should receive an email from CGFNS that your application has been approved and you can now proceed to download your forms and send it to the appropriate quarters.

For Step-by-Step Guide to creation of account with CGFNS for New Zealand Board of Nurse Registration, Read How To Create CGFNS Account For New Zealand Nursing Board

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