Worst Time for Degree Nurses in Kenya

Where did the rain start beating us BSc.Nurses?

Is this not the the worst time for us?

Are counties/employers punishing us for the knowledge that we have?


Over the last couple of days we have witnessed counties advertising for nursing posts,some contracts with as little as 30k gross,others JG H,minimum entry point for diploma,regrettably no post for degree nurses,with exception of some few counties( 1 or 2,and do I even remember them?)

Yes,as it is well known,due to the miserable nature of contracts,anybody with sound mind ought not to apply,not unless they have been frustrated for long in the job market.Nonetheless there is this advertisement,JG H(renewable or non renewable contract) that comes with an attractive package,I decided to give it a trial at County X.Lucky enough I was shortlisted to attend an interview.As for all other interviews, one would prepare their documents well,put them in a nice folder,get a nice suit/official,so as to look presentable in the eyes of the interviewer.One would then brace themselves with commonly asked interview questions and probably get to know one of two things about the county.All that I did,surprisingly well

Then come the interview day,I was well armed with my certificates,off course BSc certificate would come first followed by licence,registration certificate, short courses bla bla bla

As it was obvious,I was overqualified for the job as per my documents,so I was well prepared to convince the interviewer why I was settling for this.

So I went to this room with these interviewers, one of them a lady and a gentleman.My folder documents was presented to them,and mark you its very heavy.They went through it and then it was time for questions.’Good Afternoon, welcome to CPSB,am X n She’s Y,we first congratulate you for being shortlisted to attend this interview & we would like to ask you a few questions’

I then answered,Good afternoon X and Y,thank you for inviting me to this interview, I appreciate.More so I thank Almighty God for its because of His glory that am here,

To first introduce myself am bla bla bla…….

I presented myself well and from the look of things plus the nearly nodding gesture,I was confident that I would get this job

Then there was this last question,from your documents we’ve seen that you’ve done degree and the post was for diploma nurses,why did you choose to do so and would you not feel bad when you are working with people with lesser qualifications but earning the same salary with you or even a higher salary than you?

This was the most tricky question,Whatever I answered was wise enough to convince them that I was comfortable with the post.

Anyway the last question was ‘gnomonic of the success of the interview,it carried more weight that any other question. I was apprehensive that this would knock me out,by the mere fact that am a degree nurse

As fate would have it, I didn’t make it to the final list.To make it worse,several fresh MTC graduates made it.I’ve since then severally cursed myself on why I settled for this thing called BSc.N,is it not a scam?This is definitely the worst time for us

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