Why Nigerian Nurses Find It Difficult Attending Zoom and Other Online Meetings

Nigerian Nurses have taken to social media to give reasons why it is difficult attending Zoom and other online meetings. The conversation which was stirred by a social media commentator and Deputy Director of Nursing Services in Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Olufemi Iseyemi Folakemi has shed more light into why most online meetings in the Nursing community in Nigeria record low attendance.

The initial question posted by DDNS Olufemi was:
Let us state our reasons so that we can find out ways of solving this problem. E-learning has come to stay, we cannot run away from it. This is a sure way by which we can redeem our professional image and upgrade our status. Pls be sincere, let’s have your comments!
and some of the reasons given include:

“Yes, you are very correct in your point and observation, but I think… Shift, duty engagement, and other personal reasons are a major reasons why it’s so. This era of face mask and epidemics handling phone for a zoom meeting with mask, gloves and PPE.. not funny .”

“Work stress and shift patterns makes it difficult for me personally because I tend to forget till the whole thing is over”

“Shortage of man power
It’s 1 Nurse to 20 patients.
Where is the time for zoom meeting???”

“Sometimes network problem. You may not even gain anything or enjoy the meeting if there is network problems.
2)Zoom use to consume data.
3)Time factor-The time slated for the meeting may not be continent for majority to participate due to the nature of our job.”

” Place of work,Shift duty,department/unit and other engagement are the factor If one is working in a busy hospital and posted to A&E,icu,theatre or labour room, my dear liv zoom aside the patients first”

“Reasons are:

1) We are so engrossed with work that we have to time to engage in another thing.

2) secondly, Most times, over work will render you useless that after work, u can’t even do any other useful thing for yourself.

3) thirdly, our leaders don’t even care about what our salaries are, how can you expect someone who is not making up to 50k at least in a month to be zooming? You know is not feasible.
4) Lastly, work environment. Most hospitals do not use EMR, and some that does, do not allow nurses use the hospital system or internet since the use of phone at work is prohibited. “

” Not wen am on duty and Cameras everywhere u want me to be doing zoom meeting .”

Source: https://www.nursesarena.net/326/why-nigerian-nurses-find-it-difficult-attending-zoom-and-other-online-meetings.html

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