WHO Global Survey on Compassionate Nursing Care

Have you experienced compassionate care at a health facility level? Are you a health worker who has been involved in the delivery of compassionate care? Are you a hospital/district/regional health manager who has designed programmes on compassionate care? Are you interested in incorporating compassion as part of an organizational culture? Are you interested in integrating compassionate care into national health policy?
If you answered YES to any of the above, the WHO Global Learning Laboratory (http://www.who.int/servicedeliverysafety/areas/qhc/gll/en/) team would love to hear from you.
Submit your thoughts to GLL4QUHC@who.int on how compassion can enhance quality across the various levels captured above.
The deadline for submitting your thoughts is 31 Aug 2018, midnight GMT.
This is your chance to share your experience with a broad audience of users, health workers, managers and decision makers. Responses from this co-development call will feed into a focused session on Compassion – the heart of quality people-centered health services at the 35th International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) conference to be held in Malaysia this year.
Submit your thoughts (mailto:GLL4QUHC@who.int?subject=How%20compassion%20can%20enhance%20quality%20)

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