WHO 2021 Midwifery Network Webinar Recordings and Upcoming Webinar Information

  • ssor Address Mauakowa Malata, PhD, MSc, BSC, FAAN, Vice-Chancellor of Malawi University of Science and Technology, Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University and Baylor College of Medicine – Presentation topic: Midwifery-led Continuity of Care
  • Mgr. Natalie Sedlická, MSc, Midwife, a board member of the Association for Birth Houses and Centres (APODAC), contributor to the pilot project of a midwife-led birth centre in Prague – Presentation topic: Midwife-led Birth Centres in Czech Republic – Challenges and Opportunities
  • Dr. Lucia Rocca-Ihenacho, PhD, MSc, RM, Lecturer & Researcher at the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, School of Health Sciences, City, University of London – Presentation topic: Midwifery Unit Network: Supporting the Implementation and Improvement of Midwifery Units

The presenters’ slides are attached. 
All of the past WHO CC Midwifery Network webinar recordings can be found here: https://jhuson.mediaspace.kaltura.com/channel/GANM/187816113 Recordings are in both English and Spanish. 
Upcoming webinars and links for their registration are here: 
3/17/21: The Quality of Care Network and Midwifery: https://jhuson.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_sAKO_J_kQpupQ0eHjIpPGA
4/28/21: Leadership in Midwifery: Claiming and Sustaining a Place at the Table: https://jhuson.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7MUUdoqtT8-gadH58Rm3Cg

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