WCEA CPD Courses for Nigerian Nurses To Renew License

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria in conjunction with World Continuing Education Alliance has introduced a new fees of #10,000 for it CPDs according to a circular released yesterday by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Below is the content of the circular:

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) has revised the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the WCEA on the provision of online CPD courses for Nigerian registered nurses and Midwives. In the light of that, the Board of the NMCN at its 58’1′ meeting has approved as follows;

1. From 1st January, 2023 all WCEA CPD courses will attract a subscription fee of ten thousand naira (N10,000) for nurses and midwives in Nigeria and fifty dollars (50 dollar) for those in diaspora, per 3 credit units (30 hours) of a three-year cycle.

2. For Nurses and Midwives in Nigeria, 6 credit units of CPD are required, one of which must be MCPDP. while WCEA is an option for only 3 credit units.

3. All Nurses and Midwives registered with NMCN in Diaspora, renewing their licences without MCPDP certificates or other approved NMCN CPD’s (e.g. NANNNA conference) would be required to complete 3 credit units on the WCEA platform before renewing such licences.

 4. All payment options approved in Nigeria are available for payment on the WCEA platform e.g. Cards, USSD, Bank transfer, Cash deposit, etc.

5. Please note that the fees quoted above exclude tax, transaction charges and VAT.

6. Please, bring the content of this circular to all concerned.

Thank you for your contributions to promoting and maintaining excellence in Nursing Education and practice.


Faruk Umar Abubakar PhD, RN, FWACN

Secretary – General / Registrar 

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