Updated Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria License Renewal, Verification, Change of Name and Penalty Fees 2019

The renewal fee is N10,500 per year. Every defaulting year, you pay N5200 for each year. It now depends on how long your license has expired.


You must present a certificate of attendance of a six credit unit workshop, MCPDP included. These workshop may cost you about N40,000, excluding other logistics like accommodation, transportation and feeding.


MCPDP is only three credits unit and any other approved nursing council workshop of three credit units to make it six credit unit before renewal.

Some state Annual Nurse’s Week, scientific conference has also been approved as three credit unit. You can also do Basic life support (BLS) program or ACLS.


I understand you can also be renewed using two session of MCPDP to make six credit unit, but it must not be the same module.

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