UGONSA Moans Nurse Sunday Okorie

The unfortunate news reaching our desk is that we lost our very ardent member, Nur.Sunday Okorie, to a ghastly motor accident. Nur.Sunday until his death was a critical stakeholder of the association in Enugu State.

His cerebral contributions to scientific sessions in Enugu State and at National Professional Conference will be greatly missed. Until death he was the head of Nursing Services (HNS), Federal Neuropsychiatry Hospital Enugu (FNHE). He was a deputy director of Nursing (DDNS).

His death makes it our two consecutive loss of HNS of the same within same year in a space of six months interval. In the earlier quarter of the year we lost our astute and visionary Nur.Maria Amadi, PhD, who until her murder by armed robbers was also the HNS of the hospital. Now the DDNS that replaced her has also died prematurely. What did we do to deserve this? How do we live with these colossal losses? What more can we do other than looking up to God? The pain is unbearable!!!

We hereby call for one hour silence on all our social media platforms. Within the next one hour nobody should make any post or comment on our platforms. We shall use this period to pray for the soul of departed Nur.Sunday & Nur.Maria and to ask God to divinely intervene to arrest whatever evil that has besieged FNHE and Nursing profession in general. Your one hour starts anytime you see this message and you must end your prayer by posting “May their Soul Rest in Peace. Amen/Amin”!!!
UGONSA is deeply mourning!!!!


UGONSA National Secretary.

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