Turkey Visa from UK: How To Apply for Turkey Tourism Visa

Turkey last week removed Nigeria, Ghana and some African countries from the list of countries that can apply for eVisa and this has further caused confusion how to apply for Turkey Visa from UK, in this article I will breakdown the application process.

Below are the requirements for Turkish tourism visa application for residents of the UK who can’t apply through the online eVisa:

Requirements for Visa Application

  1. Visa application form which will be provided to you at the centre
  2. Passport which must be valid beyond the duration of your visit
  3. Recent passport photograph taken within the last 6 month
  4. Your UK BRP or work permit
  5. Two months bank Statement showing you have at least £40 per day for the total duration of your journey
  6. Two month payslips
  7. Booked Hotel
  8. Booked return flight
  9. Insurance covering the total period of your stay

Note: Original of all the documents must be taken to the Visa application centre, photocopy or screenshots of documents won’t be accepted.

Application fees

Application fees for tourism/visit visa for Turkey cost £147 for single entry and £243 for multiple entry. This fees must be paid in cash or transfer at the Visa application collection centre.

Booking of Appointment

Turkey Visa appointment can be booked via https://voyavisa.setmore.com/bookappointment

Book an appointment 30 days before your travel. (The earliest you can apply is 60 days before your travel; Otherwise, you will not be allowed to apply)

Be prepared with your documents

Attend an appointment at Ground Floor, 1A Saint Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, W8 6LS, London

Do not arrive early and do not wait in the courtyard

There may be occasional 1-3 hour delays. This is normal

Do not use offensive language or inappropriate behaviour

Comply with Covid Guidelines. Do not attend without a mask

We do not give status updates for applications

There are no premium or emergency visas available!

Contact Voya Visa


1A, GROUND FLOOR, Saint Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, W8 6LS, London

If you have any question kindly ask in the comment section below

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