The Quest For Power By Goodwin Imeka RN

I constantly inquire of you youth and their idea of participating in active politics and the response most often is laughable, some possess very terrible ideologies brought about by the media and negative depiction by nollywood. Some say, when I ask why they detest politics, politics is a dirty game, politics is- who knows you?, politics is evil etc. They even go as far as admonishing that I steered clear of it, especially when I expose my intention of participating in politics.
What people don’t understand is that every aspect of our lives is governed by politics, if I must eat good food, it is politics, if I have to enjoy good health, politics, if I should gave sound education, politics. There is nothing we do that keeps politics apart.

Politics is all about making acquiring power for the better policy making, it is an active participation in community and community issues.

Unlike most advanced countries where youth are guided through to becoming leaders, ours is a case where youth are scared to their marrows with politicians using them for devious means, the media portraying it as evil and dirty.

When we hunger for change, it is up to us to great that change, if we feel our politicians have failed us, it is up to us to get involved and change processes, cha he laws and make life better for our country. It is easy to wail but that in totality does not take us an inch away from our current position.

I decided to save this for now, best wine last… We were discussing the plight faced by health workers especially nurses and how policies were not aptly made or when made were not executed to the latter, after various stories, I mentioned that all these were reasons why every nurse ought to be in politics, and our lecturer asked ‘if we all get into politics, who will do the job?’
Being in politics does not stop a nurse from doing his or her job, actually, when we can change stiff laws and policies, it makes our job even more enjoyable.

Recently, the Kenyan nurses association dragged the government to court because the government seems to be playing favouritism on the part of doctors, this is because doctors occupy top positions, every fund for health will go through them before it gets to others. The case is not different from what we are experiencing here in Nigeria, who is the minister of health? Who is the minister of labour? Now how can nurses get the desire for consultancy status and residency and prescribing right when no one is there to fight for us?

Power isn’t evil, we do not need to fear it, no one will remember you because you were verily afraid, no one will appreciate you because you are perfect at running away. Think of how far nursing has come, why are we now an independent profession, who made that possible? Fearless nursing theorist, practitioners, advocates etc who desired the betterment of nursing profession accomplished all those for us, what are YOU doing to change things, do YOU like the status quo? Or you just want to complain?


— Human right is not what is placed on the table, it is what you go out and fight for —


By Godwin Imeka RN

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