Step By Step Guide To Nurse Registration in UK

Strictly for our Nurses in Nigeria intending to work in the United Kingdom.
Just before you Board a flight to the UK. (Dear Nigerian Registered Nurse.)

Calvary greetings to you in jesus name. my dearly beloved collegues i am excited that you have finally taken a decision to relocate to the UK,i want to specially congratulate you for passing your ielts with ofcourse the required band score of 7 in each of the sections (reading,writing,listening and speaking),i also want to rejoice with you on sucessfully writing and passing your CBT exam which am sure you know is computer based exam that most have costed you a little above 75thousand naira,if you have your collegues who may just be getting started with their Nursing dreams please share with them the materials you used or refer them to my wall were they are expected to get ielts e-texbooks and CBT exam preparatory materials for free,please support others dreams.

           What is next for you.

Now that your ielts and CBT is cleared,i am sure that you have prayerfully choosen an agency from your numerous available options seeking to assist you with your relocation process,please note that you are in high demand,if you must make a choice then it has to be at your terms
A good agency should be able to give you options to choose from,like working with the NHS,Nursing homes if thats what you want but ensure that in the contract you are signing that their is an agreement that you will be given training for OSCE,that your visa,flight fee,pick up from the airport and accomodation for your first few months are covered to ensure your smooth soft adaptation especially if you are coming during this cold season. A good agency will have a good track record with keeping their promise so please check them up online,ask questions and above all be prayerful,were as your sucess in the UK is largely dependent on you,these agencies have a way of giving you a good start and help you to quickly integrate into the system.Please try to avoid offers located in cities with high cost of living as you will not be able to save a dime,people aay that northern ireland and the midlands withing England have low cost of living,prayerfully make your choice but remember that if i live close to london i will pay a lot on rents and will not save like my friend living in Birmingham.


Please note that you can travel with your spouse,your agency will not be responsible for their relocation cost,you need to have about 630 pounds for each of your dependants like your spouse and each of your children,this amount must be in either your account or that of your husband for at least 3 months before visa application is made,so as soon as you have passed your exams,even before you connect with an agency please find a way of getting this amount and having it in your account or spouse account,your visa and travelling expenses is free but you need about 260 thousand for each of your dependants kept in the bank for 3 months before visa can be applied,failure to do this means you can move with family membera immediately,you will have to fill for them after you must have settled in the UK which usually takes 6 to 8 months.


Now i want to believe that you applied for tier 2 general were your recruiting body raised a certificate of sponsorship for you,they will pay for your health insurance,visa fee and all you need to provide is the following
1, UKVI test result as you need this ielts result with a band score of atleast 4
2, you need to do a test to check for tuberculosis to ensure you are medically sound,this will cost 50k and above please ensure you do this with IOM (British designated center).
3,Your employment details and prove of communication with your recruiting agency so keep your communications with them intact.
4,your certificate of sponsorship and of course your international passport.
Your marriage certificate if you are relocating with your hubby and children.
Visa application usually takes 21 days for you to have your passport returned to you so congratulations in advance as i am persuaded that nothing can truncate your dreams at this point when you prayerfully follow these few steps.


Congratulations my dear collegue,i join other God fearing Nurses from Africa to wellcome you to the UK,the journey to your destiny has just begun,as you celebrate please be reminded of the following;

1, Be reminded that the cold is real and on time and you need to make adequate preparation to cover properly and please take a flu vaccine as soon as you can.

2,Please pursue your NMC registration with all you have,dont be distracted or carried away by money or friends,dont let family back home distract you with calls and sending money,face your OSCE and pass it as soon as you can,just like ielts osce is all about practice,once your skills are perfected,your confidence level will appreciate and you will go and crush this exam,if you have any confusions please do not fail to ask questions from people that have gone through this process.

3, As soon as you pass your OSCE please focus on perfecting your professional skills and confidence,learn more about the culture and people,they are different from what we have back home,dignity, confidentiality,handling of patient,relating with your collegues is a bit different as they are on another level professionally,cleaners and potters are no less members of the medical team.
4, Ensure you save money as much as you can,if you left your spouse behind please save,use more of your credit facility but be frugal,do not shop down all the cloths on sales as their may be time for that in the furture.

5, please identify with children of God,look for a church were your soul can be kept ablaze for God,the church also helps to give you more information and guidiance about were you live.

6, please note that their are bills to be paidyour ability to suceed financially is dependent on spending less, just like Naira,Pounds can grow wings,people live somuch on credit so manage your spending and take more overtime duty early enough to be able to bring in your spouse.
7,A lot of people are carried away by vacation,please keep it aside at the moment,this will eat deep into your savings,their will be time for that in the furture,he that laughs last has it all,please take more shifts and have your family join you as their is reward in joining forces with your spouse.


Start your journey with a dream that is bigger than you and making money,have a plan,10 years from now will you still be relevant?,will you give back to Nigeria?,when will you come home to change things and make an impact in our local nursing,will you help other collegues back home,willl you organise seminars just like the ones our metrons attend in America wasting money for nothing,will you help bring foreign but flexible and adaptable new ideas and approach to patients nursing care to improve Nigerian nurses who maybe stuck by marriage,age or calling.Do you want to leave a legacy in nursing before you die,whats your nursing dreams?,sorry to ask you please were will you be buried?,i have made my own decision,i will give my best to support Nursing in nigeria thats why i spent time this midnight cooking this message and when i die i want to be remembered for my faith in jesus and my passion for a new face of nursing in Africa.

Once again i welcome you to the UK as i look forward to recieving you when you land in Hethrow or Gatwick Airport.
From your brother in the struggle Nurse Emeka Nwosu (Nurse Membrane.)

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