Step-by-Step Guide to New Zealand to Australia Nurse Registration

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on the easiest way to migrate to Australia as a foreign educated/overseas nurse through the New Zealand Nursing Board. I am going to take you hand in hand through the registration process.

Australia Nursing Board introduced the new Stream and OBA route which makes direct registration as an overseas nurses super expensive. The easiest and cheapest route is through the New Zealand Board of Nursing. You first apply and get registered as a nurse in New Zealand then you simply endorse it to Australia. Let get started!


Below are the requirements needed before you can start the registration process:

  1. A Bachelor degree in Nursing (Nursing Certificate is now allowed)
  2. Two forms of identity cards usually your international passport and any other government issued identity card. You will need to make photocopies of these documents and notarized the photocopy. Then you will need to upload the notarized copy.
  3. Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS/OET): Academic IELTS with a score of 7 in each band. You can club/combine IELTS provided you sat for both IELTS within 6 months apart and no score is less than 6.5. You must however still have a score of 7 in all modules even when combine IELTS. If you had your Nursing education in USA, UK, Canada and Ireland or you are currently a registered Nurse in any of the listed countries, English language will be waived for you.

Note: IELTS for New Zealand Nurse registration is valid for 3 years and not 2 years like other countries.

4. At least a minimum of two (2) years work experience within the last five years. If you have worked in UK, USA, Canada or Ireland you will be registered directly and won’t need to undergo the 6 to 12 weeks adaptation course.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Gather the above requirement especially notarization of your passport and ID card

Step 2: Create an account with New Zealand CGFNS by going to the link Register (

Step 3: Complete the CGFNS Application form. You can apply for English waiver if you are practicing as a Nurse in one of the aforementioned countries at this stage. See the guide on how to complete CGFNS Application form. Note: if you have an account with USA CGFNS for NCLEX purpose, you can ask CGFNS New Zealand to help you import your transcripts and verification into your profile so you won’t need to send another verification.

Step 4: Make payment for your CGFNS application. This cost $300 (Exchange rate varies if you are using your local card).

Step 5: Receive a mail from CGFNS confirming your payment and informing you to wait for 2-3 days before your forms are available for download. After few hours or a day, you should receive an email from CGFNS that your application has been approved and you can now proceed to download your forms and send it to the appropriate quarters.

For Step-by-Step Guide to creation of account with CGFNS for New Zealand Board of Nurse Registration, Read How To Create CGFNS Account For New Zealand Nursing Board

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