School of Post Basic Nursing Ear Nose and Throat Kaduna HOD is One year in Office

A year back, on the same date 14th Sept, 2017, I stepped into my present post as mentioned above.

I feel proud to complete one successful year with great satisfaction.

Yes, this is my 366th day as Coordinator and Head of the Institution.

First of all, I thank God for all the good things he gave in my first year and my fantastic team members whom I work with. They are of great support and fun to be with.

Initially it was full of challenges here and there trying to settle and position the system according to the global standard so that set goals of the organisation are to be confronted with focus.

My first quarter was slow but steady. I later improved very speedily during the subsequent quarters. This happened because my management believed in me and motivated me to an extent that all my institutional need(s) received prompt attention.

As a part of this journey, there was lot of achievements recorded by my administration to mentioned but a few apart from graduating good two sets of students all with 100% success in their respective N&MCN professional Examinations, the School secured approval for the extension of it’s probational Accreditation Status, the Nomenclature of the school is changed from the traditional ENT name to the most globally recognized name Otorhinolaryngology ‘ORL’ Nursing, all in this year and I hope, there is much more in store for me.

I, being a very optimistic person, hope that the coming years will be full of learning, challenges, more achievements and fun.

Since, the institution is a training institution that specializes in developing skills and knowledge of middle level manpower I am glad that I am a part of this wonderful Organization and I hope to complete many more years in it.

Thanks to all who made this start a happy and successful one.
Murtala Aliyu Sakwa
(Tafidan Sakwa)

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