School Of Nursing Amaigbo: Registration Fees For Basic Nursing Council A Fraud By Ernest Okafor RN

The School of Nursing, St. Mary’s Hospital, Amaigbo, Imo State has done so much damage to the word called ‘integrity’ to the extent that no nursing student who graduated there in Nov. 2017 would want to be associated with that word for the next fifteen years.

The biggest fraud that nursing council registration has ever witnessed happened in that school this January, 2018.

While we were made to believe that it is a mission school, built and sponsored by faithfuls of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, at the same time, the school has asked their Nov. 2017 Nursing Council candidates to pay #155,000 naira for Basic RN registration, whereas Council charges less than #40,000 for the same.

We have seen their understanding and definition of anti-corruption and integrity.

Even the most basic Christian virtue in the Catholic creed has been abandoned by the Principal of the said, who happened to be a Reverend Sister.

I repeat, the biggest fraud in nursing council registration is taking place in that school right now. And the woman who duped us is still a Reverend Sister.

I hope they would be bold enough to redeem their image by at least reducing that fee to #50,000.

Until then, I will continue to see them like every other fraudster, like the 419 yahoo guys.

I call on the Catholic Bishops and faithfuls in Imo State to checkmate this fraud.

Oh! Nigeria!
By Ernest Okafor RN

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