Save Our Soul: Enugu Psychiatric Student Nurses Cry Out After Being “Duped”

My name is Charles Anyadiufu, I am a nurse licensed under the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, and I have been practicing since 2015.

In order to improve myself profession wise, I enrolled for an 18 months specialist course at the school of Post Basic Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu. This program would make me a specialist in Psychiatry and earn me a license to practice as a psychiatric nurse in Nigeria.

Today should mark the end of the program as I was supposed to start writing the council exams for Registered Psychiatric Nurse license.

Unfortunately, my colleagues and I were denied the opportunity of sitting for this exam. This is because of some managerial misadventures involving the school management and the hospital management. The hospital management has always been at loggerheads with the school management and has refused to release money to run the school. And this has cost me and my colleagues our license. Our colleagues in other institutions are in the exam halls of their respective schools as I type this.

This is me and my colleagues calling out to the honourable minister for health, all the authorities of the federal ministry of health and all Nursing parastatals. Also all nurses and health professionals in general, whoever can do something about this should not hesitate to do so. We gave up 18 months of our lives, made huge sacrifices, forfeited good jobs, put in a lot of effort and resources and it’s quite unfair that it should just go down the drain.

We cannot make huge sacrifices like that and someone would just discard them with a wave of the hand because of selfish and callous interests and useless politics that has absolutely nothing to do with us!

Please share this post till it gets to someone who can do something about our predicament; civil society groups, human right groups, NGOs and good Nigerians who have the capacity of changing things like this.

The future of healthcare in Nigeria is in our hands, help protect this future.

Please share 🙏

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