Requirements for Opening a Maternity Home by Nurses

Private Hospital Registration Law No. 30 of 1983 and the Private Hospital (Governing Conditions for the Operations of) Regulations 1996.


*Definition:* Premises where obstetric and gynecological services are provided including ante-natal, delivery and post-natal care, with bed care and nursing service.


*Minimum Basic Facilities:*


1. Out-Patient


1)     Waiting/ reception area 4 x 3 meters – with sitting facilities, registration table and record keeping facilities

2)     Consulting room of 4 x 3 meters with examination couch equipment for physical examination, wash hand basin and towels

3)     Treatment room with drug of 4 x 3 meters/ instrument cabinet, wash hand basin, towels

1)     Small operating theatre (Optional) not less than 4 x 3 meters for minor surgery needing local anaesthesia only

4)     Observation room with not more than 2 beds (Optional) and a minimum distance of 1 x 3 meters between 2 beds

5)     Facilities for basic diagnostic investigations (e.g sideroom laboratory) for urine,  blood and stool tests (Optional)

6)     Public health facilities shall include – Adequate ventilation, adequate illumination, clean and adequate water supply, pipe borne/treated borehole, tank water, toilet facilities (W.C.) exclusive to the clinic. Adequate arrangement for refuse collection and disposals and upkeep of premises.

7)     Other services – Ambulance (Optional), fire extinguisher


2. In-Patient


a)     Lying in ward with minimum distance of one meter between two adjoining beds or 1 x 3 meters between two rows of beds

b)     First stage labor room of 12 sq meters with necessary equipment

c)      Couch, wash hand basin, placenta receiver, baby resuscitation machine, mucous extractor, suction pump, weighing pump, weighing scale, etc

d)     Sluice room

e)     Isolation room

f)      Provision of D.D.A cupboard

g)     Dispensing room of 12 sq. meters with dispensing facilities

h)     A store




3. Diagnostic facilities


1)     Facilities for basic diagnostic investigations. There shall be evidence of an arrangement with approved laboratory and X-ray centre for the other specialized investigations (Where applicable)

2)     Provision of minimum equipment for running a maternity centre such as oxygen cylinders, sterilizers and other suitable equipment.


4. Public health facilities shall include:


–        Staff Room

–        Adequate ventilation

–        Adequate illumination

–        Adequate water supply

–        Adequate drainage

–        Adequate toilet and bath facilities – one water closet and one bath per 8 beds

–        Adequate arrangement for refuse collection and disposal of upkeep and premises


5. Other services:


–        Kitchen (Optional)

–        Laundry service – Evidence of established adequate arrangement

–        Sterilization of equipment

–        Fire Extinguisher

–        Ambulance (Mandatory)






Minimum professional Staff complements:


a)     A specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist or a medical practitioner registered to practice in Nigeria with at least 5 years relevant obstetric post-qualification experience for sessional supervision and available for emergencies

b)     One registered staff midwife or staff nurse/ midwife per 8 in-patient beds per shift

c)      One registered midwife with a minimum of 5 years post-registration in charge of nursing services

d)     A trained Community Health Aide per 5 in-patients

e)     One clerk/ receptionist

In addition to this, you are required to:

1. Purchase an application form and a brochure containing Government approved regulations

2. Have, on display, State’s Emblem of registration.

3. Ensure your practicing license is updated.

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