Re: Ghanaian Health workers: Sacrifices & The Shaming.

My dear is not all health workers who are really into the job. Majority are not emulating the good practices of the few. Look at the 70yr old man 7hospitals rejected to die? The nurses are usually the first people the patient comes into contact with. Why didn’t the nurses take the patient vitals before informing the doctors? When the processes are already done at times it is difficult for the doctor to refuse to see the patient.


According to the patient’s son, one of the doctors was sleeping in his car. You went on night duty to work or sleep? Majority of the cases is usually because most health professionals assume that night duty is for them to sleep and will reject patients even when there are beds with the notion of no bed. The truth at times is painful but one has to say it


In every sector we find ourselves let’s put up our best.


My cousin was operated at Ridge hospital and i went to visit him. Upon arriving he was wailing and I asked what the matter was? He told me he was feeling pains and I asked, having they giving you any drugs he said no. I checked his folder and saw pethidine to be given every four hours.


I went out and confronted the nurses why he has not been giving any drug for a whole day? They told me they don’t want the patient to be addicted to the pethidine. Imagine refusing doctors orders and still is proud to say it.


Whiles all this was going on the doctor on duty was seating and chatting with the nurses and laughing whiles my cousin was crying. As a doctor you are suppose to audit the work of the nurses and they following your instructions but hardly do some health professionals do that.


When my cousin was there severally I went there and his medication was not giving to him and the doctor keeps on changing the drugs. He was wrongly operated upon and had deformity as a result.


Most health professionals must change their attitude for perception of patients to also be changed towards you.

By Nabla Mandinaam Janet

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