Re: Ghanaian Health workers: Sacrifices & The Shaming Part 2

Well said my sister, you’re a professional indeed considering your narration above. God bless u and of your kind nurses. Let’s look at what went wrong from the unset the various hospitals that turned the 70 year old man away or watch him struggle in his own car till he gave up his last breath.

From the narrative of your professional work above, u made mentioned some prominent issues like making delivery with polytheine bag wrapped on your hands becauseof lack of common surgical gloves, treating patients on admittion seated in plastic chairs, so on and so forth. Is it because your hospital has all the needed resources? NO! but its because your utmost goal is to save lives.

Unlike your colleagues professionals at the other hospitals who failed to at least give first aid or any treatment as such to the late 70 years old man just as you’re doing to other patients seated in plastic chairs, etc at your hospital; is the major reason why the public or the media-the mouth piece of the public is criticizing all health professionals and not that we don’t appreciate or failed to recognize your enormous efforts in the health sector.

The bottom line is that your other professional colleagues are there to save lives; but here is the case a live is lost not for any other reason but just because “there’s no bed” which is absolutely wrong. Look; even if an effort was made by the first hospital in contact to admit the old man irrespective of no bed but decided to teat him even in his car or on bear floor and he died, no one counl blame anyone for his death..

In fact most of you are working seriously but one’s wrong doing goes to affect all as a whole because you have one common objective.


By Edmond Dan

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