Primary Health Care International Updated Free Covid-19 Course for Nurses, Doctors and Others

Primary Care International (PCI)’s open-access e-learning guidance for healthworkers has been updated. The guidance is developed for healthworkers in resource-limited settings and includes guidance on a range of topics from screening and triage, clinic operations, health workforce planning through to continuity of essential services including mental health. Helped by the support we received from our Crowdfunder campaign, the e-learning has just now been updated and a range of topics added, including: vaccines; medications that work; variants; long Covid; and techniques for management at home, for those without access to professional care. (Please note that so far it is the English version that has been updated).

Please share, as this virus continues to impact us all – especially in places with little access to the vaccine.

Jane Lennon
Communications Manager
Primary Care International
Skype: jane.lennon87

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