Politics in Nursing Profession: Not Too Young To Run, Politics, NANNM And Nursing By Comrade Ajayi B.O

Good morning Great Nurses!!!
We appreciate the leadership of this great profession and their struggle to ensure the best for Nursing. The subject matter i want to touch has been one we have been evasive about and i think it is high time we stopped and tell each other the truth.
In this Era of “Not too Young to Rule” trend, we (nursing) cannot be caught up in policies that only existed in the medieval times which is centred to disenfranchise our YOUNG nurses their right to contribute whatever innovation they have to this noble profession.
I find it appalling that some highly placed officials have decided to deliberately exclude aspiring and ambitious YOUNG nurses from contesting in NANNM elections under the guise of “TWO YEARS & CONFIRMATION”.
We say this is barbaric and it is an attempt to destabilise the peace we have all enjoyed together in this profession.
At the point of entry into the service, we all pay dues and many register as a member of NANNM which gives them the right to vote and be voted for “Not too Young” so why are we translating the constitution of the association to suit our selfish agenda.
I believe our vision and mission is that of the progresstivist and as such wether a YOUNG or ELDER shows interest should not be an issue. The main thing is to allow the nursing electorates to choose their own leaders.
At this juncture, i call on our leaders (NANNM & FORUM) who are not selfish and have been shouldering the responsibilities of this great profession to immediately swing into action and checkmate the injustices that has happened in EPE GH and APAPA GH where they have disqualified the chairmanship aspirant on the basis of “TOO YOUNG TO RULE”.
The indubitable truth is that the YOUNG nurses have stood up to support our leaders and ensure that they contribute their quota. We should help them rather than depriving them the opportunity to serve.
Comrade Ajayi B.O. R.N, R.O.N, B.N.Sc.
President Y.I.N.N.
NANNM Secretary GH Lagos

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