Patient Lands in Police Cell in Zambia for Reckless Driving

There was drama at the clinic this afternoon when a patient wanted student nurses to see him. He came with his Corola cab and parked it just infont of student nurses who were resting at the benches at OPD. After talking to the clinic maids who seem not to b interested in what he was saying, he asked student nurses some questions again he could not get much of his desired response. It seems student nurses were busy discussing anatomy and physiology as they are preparing to write their end of semester exams. He tried to follow their discussion but all he got was like Greek language. He shoulted abit bcoz the clinical officer earlier in the moning when he came drunk refused to attend to him.

He decided to show off to the student nurses by entering in his smokey Corolla to speed off. The engine of his cab showed him that u can’t drive when u r drunk. Within a flash of a second and on the onlook of the student nurses the car flew about a meter in air passed through the makeshift tent which was used for the just ended child heath week smashing all the chairs and tables inside vuuuuuuummmmm came out and hit into the wall fance breaking the wallfance and parked its self.

Others were cryning others loughing while others shouting at him. I just told him that my brother this is wrong packing go and report yowaselufu at a police station of yowa own choice.

Sooner than later he was taken to police and was locked in police cells. The reporter asked trafick officers when they came to check the extent of the accident, what offence he has commited. The officer were like

1. Driving a vechle while drunk.

2. Driving unlicensed vechle

3. Driving a vechle without a driving license

4. Driving a vechle without puting on sit belts

5. Driving a vechle at high speed inside the wallfance.

6. Driving a vechle wearing dirt clothes

I just had to stop the officers to listing all the offences as I was busy.

We r luck no one lost a life during this drama.

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