Nursing Jobs in Kenya 2017: Nursing Jobs Currently Available in Nairobi

Nursing jobs currently available in Nairobi: Jacaranda Health Nursing Jobs in Nairobi

Jacaranda Health is a social venture that aims to set a new standard for maternity care in East Africa. We are combining business and clinical innovations to provide affordable maternity and reproductive health services to low-income urban women. We have launched one clinic in Nairobi last year, and are currently expanding to other locations in the region.

We strive to be a data-driven company which improves its operational efficiency through informed decision making on the costs and pricing mechanisms in the health care market. Our maternity hospital in Nairobi is the only facility in East Africa to receive a Level 5 for quality award by Safecare Please visit for more details.

We are seeking to hire full – time Nurse – Midwife. We are looking for someone highly-motivated and willing to take a lot of initiative and with a passion for providing Quality Care.

Responsible for providing and maintains high standards of professional nursing care to Expectant mothers while ensuring consistent provision of efficient and ethical care to support it in achieving quality health service delivery.
Duties for the Nursing Job

Work in collaboration with the Clinical team and the JH management to implement effective procedures, rules, regulations that are consistent with the organization values and policies.
Ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and protocols for nursing services.
Ensure compliance with established professional and institutional policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.
Provide comprehensive antenatal care, postnatal care, family planning, deliveries, and other services for clients in Jacaranda’s fixed and/or mobile clinics, based on Jacaranda Health’s clinical protocols and processes
Provide friendly, helpful service, advice, guidance, and education to all clients
Maintain client and clinic operational data using our electronic medical records and other information systems
Maintain a good relationship with the community.
Work closely with peer educators, CHWs, and traditional birth attendants for outreach and education within the community

Nursing Job Qualifications

Hold a diploma or degree in nursing from a recognized university/(medical training) college
Position holder should have at least 3 years’ experience working as a licensed Nurse/Midwife in a busy maternity institution.
Hold an active Nursing license from the local Nursing Council.

How to Apply
Please send your application cover letter, curriculum vitae with three references via email to with Nurse- Midwife as the Email Subject by 20th March 2017.

Kindly include your expected remuneration and availability in your application. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis 2015-2017 PDF Free Download

NANDA Nursing Diagnosis handbook is an important tool for all nurses to have especially those in clinical settings. NANDA itself stands for North American Nursing Diagnosis Association. This organization was founded in 1982 for the purpose of standardizing the nursing terminology. Part of the duty of the organization include development, researches, dissemination and refinement of the nomenclature, criteria, and taxonomy of nursing diagnoses.
Below is a link you can directly download the latest version of NANDA 2015-2017 where you will find nanda list 2015 to 2017.

To download the book click Link has been disabled


nanda pdf,nanda nursing diagnosis and nanda list 2015 to 2017

How To Check My Cme Hours For Saudi Council

How To Check My Cme Hours For Saudi Council

Here is a step by step guide on how to check your CME hours for Saudi Council

Step 1: Go to the Saudi Health Commission website

Step2: Click on E-Services

Step 3: Click on Additional E-Service List

Step4: Click on Continues Medical Education

Step 5: Click on Practitioner Education Credit Hours

Step 6: Enter your registration card number without the dash

Step 7: Click on search

CME Hours for Saudi Council Renewal

Cme Hours For Saudi Council Renewal

Here are CME hours for Saudi Council renewal of license for nurses, doctors, technicians and other allied health practitioners.

Physicians and dentists are to present 30 hours CME for 1 year which translates to 90 hours in 3years or 150 hours in 5 years.

Nurses are to produce 15 cme hours for Saudi Council renewal per year while pharmacists and other allied medical specialties are to present 20 hours per year. Technicians however are to present 10 hours per year.

List of those exempted from CME Hours for Saudi Council Renewal

The health practitioners who are exempted from the condition of obtaining CME Hours for Saudi Council Renewal are:
1. Health practitioners who are registered in postgraduate training programs
2. Health and patient assistants
3. Optical lab technicians
4. Health management technicians
5. Medical records technicians
6. Medical secretariat technicians
7. Medical equipment and health inspector technicians
8. Environmental technicians
9. Non-practicing health practitioners

Instructions for Health Practitioners attending CME Hours for Saudi Council Renewal

1. Ensure that the activity is accredited by SCFHS by visiting the website, and check the information related to the activity (name, venue and date)
2. The activity should be in line with the practitioner field of specialty
3. Ensure that the CME hours obtained are in accordance with the specific categories
4. Attendance shall be for the whole period of the activity according to the period accredited by SCFHS
5. In the case of departmental activities, SCFHS shall suffice itself with the letter or certificate issued by the academic affairs or department head that includes the number and date of accreditation in addition to the activity’s actual attendance hours during the year
6. Handwritten or scanned certificates shall not be accepted by SCFHS
7. The health practitioner shall be entitled to attend the accredited activity only once
8. All the provisions mentioned above shall apply to attending activities conducted outside KSA provided that they are provided by accredited scientific health institutions. The health practitioner shall bring an attendance certificate that includes the number of accredited hours or enclose the scientific program of the activity

For more information check SCHS website

Free Continuing Education Units

Free Continuing Education Units

We live in an ever dynamic world that keeps changing. Knowledge gotten today and taken as gold standard upon which practice is based might change tomorrow to reflect new information or knowledge generated. The implication of this for nurses is that a nurse should be constantly abreast of changes in policies, procedures and knowledge so as to be able to provide an optimal care that reflect these changes.

Free Continuing Education Units
Many health licensing boards recognized the fact that things keep changing hence have instituted measures that would ensure that nurses are aware of any changes that might affect their practice. Continuing education units was introduced by various nursing boards as one of the prerequisites for license renewal.

Continuing education lets you develops and sharpens your skills in your practice setting. In some states, employers reimbursed this while in other the nurse is responsible for the bills. Free continuing education units abound in various forms by various organizations. Below are some of the free continuing education units available online where you can partake and even earn certificate of completion in some cases.

List of Free Continuing Education Units This is the leading online CEU hub for nurses. It has various CEUs that covers different topics. To earn CEU units for free, participate in one of their Free Continuing Education Units. Click Here to go to the Free Continuing Education Units of This website also contains different CEUs that can be done for free. To learn more and participate, check A collection of different free CEU check their website for list of available CEU. Click Here is also a leading provider of free CEU. Register or login to view list of available course Here This site list available free CEU in various sites. Check their website

Staff Nurse Vacancy in Kuwait Private Hospital

Urgently required an experienced Male & Female Nurses, especially from Sri Lanka, India & Philippine Nationality for Our Home Nursing Medical Center.
Also Required Male & Female Nurses for 24 & 12 Hours duties.

Please contact 98589574 or 65879248 for further details and to schedule an interview.

Male Nurses Vacancy in Kuwait

Dear All,
BSc male nurse without moh license and 3 yrs experience in hospital (india)

Looking for a male nurse job with free recruitment visa

He is ready for come to Kuwait immediately from india if medical centre provide a free visa and air ticket

For more details please contact on : 60451792 Mr Shaik Thahir

List of Accredited CPD Providers Philippines for Nurses

Here is the full list of list of accredited cpd providers philippines for nurses:


Basic Critical Care Nursing Course – 34 units
Comprehensive Neurological Assessment – 6 units
Care of Patients of Mechanical Ventilation – 6 units
Hemodynamics Monitoring – 5 units
Nutrition Support of the Critically Ill Patient – 6 units
EKG: E-Z Steps of Interpretation – 22 units
Intensive Pearls from East to West – 16 units
Nursing Skills Fair I – 16 units


Postgraduate Course on BOSH for Nurses – 45 units
First-On-Scene-Responder Course – 40 units
1st Quarter Scientific Meeting – 40 units

The Medical City

Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program – 40 units
Specialized Acute Myocardial Infarction Nurse Training Program – 64 units
Hemodialysis Training – 40 units
Oncology Nurse Program – 40 units

UP Manila National Telehealth Center

RxBox – 18 units
Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) – 36 units

UP Manila College of Nursing

Promoting a Culture of Disaster Preparedness and Core Disaster Life Support – 7 units
Basic Course in Gerontology and Geriatric Nursing – 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center NSD

Latest Technology on Wound Care Management – 6 units
Updates on Best Practices: Control of Post-surgical, Central and Peripheral Line Infection – 7 units
Latest Diagnostic and Screening Technology, Therapy and Nursing Management of Patients with Breast and Cervical Cancer – 8 units

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

End of Life Nursing Education Consortium – 8 units
Chemotherapy Training and Guidelines for Oncology Nurses – 12 units
Central Venous Access Device Training and Skills Accreditation – 8 units

Philippine Nurses Association

Emergency Trauma Care: Saving Lives – 3 units
Caring for Stroke Survivor – 3 units
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): Implications to Care – 2 units
Orientation Program on Positive Practice Environment for Nurses – 3 units
Caressing the Fight Against Breast Cancer – 3 units
Overview of Psychiatric Nursing: Dealing with Anxious Patients – 3 units
Acute Brain Attack – 3 units
Understanding EKG – 3 units
Challenges of Non-Communicable Disease: The Wellness Tree – 3 units
Pediatric Emergency Nursing: Tracheostomy Care – 3 units
Renal Replacement Therapies, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis – 3 units
Nursing Informatics – 3 units
Pain as 5th Vital Sign, Pain Assessment and Pain Management – 4 units
Psychological First Aid – 4 units
Good Research Practices Workshop – 20 units
Basic Emergency and Trauma Care – 4 units

Zeullig Family Foundation

Barangay Health Leadership and Management Program – 26 units

Advanced Clinical Laboratory for Skills and Health Care Solution, Inc.

Resuscitation of the Newborn Program – 8 units

Chong Hua Hospital – Cebu

Vein-T Training Program – 16 units
End of Life Nursing Education – 16 units
Nurse Preceptorship Training Program – 16 units
Critical Course Program – 40 units

UERMMMCI Department of Nursing Service

Skin Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management – 22 units

Association of Diabetes Nurse Educators of the Philippines

Insulin Injection Technique and Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose – 8 units


Multidisciplinary Collaboration towards Quality Perioperative Nursing Care – 6 units
OR Nursing in Robotic Surgery – 3 units
Perioperative Nursing in Cardiovascular Surgery – 6 units

Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc

Maternal and Child Nursing Practice Standards in the Philippines – 2 units

Lung Center of the Philippines

Pulmonary Nursing Training Program (Advanced Course on Pulmonary Nursing) – 40 units

Association of Private Duty Nurse Practitioners

Forum on Legalities in the Workplace – 3 units
Evidence-Based Wound Care Practices – 3 units

Philippine Heart Center

Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner Program – 40 units
Critical Care Course – 40 units

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Modern Approach on International Radiology Among Cancer Patients – 6 units

Disability First Foundation, Inc.

Hearts on Fire: What’s Hot? Art of Burn Care and Rehabilitation – 16 units

Ang NARS, Inc.

General Assembly and Advocacy Forum – 2 units


Basic IV Therapy Training – 24 units

Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at First Attempt

Tips for Passing HAAD

Passing HAAD Exam can open whole lots of opportunities for you as nurses are in high demand in hospitals in UAE. Failing an HAAD exam can be devastating as all hope and aspiration appears to be blurred. Here are few things I think might help you to pass your HAAD exam at first attempt (Tips for Passing HAAD):

Before your exam

– Conduct a rapid review of the anatomy and physiology of the human system.
– It is equally important to review diseases affecting those systems and the treatment options.
– Review nursing responsibilities, delegation and collaborative care. Know the independent functions of a nurse, the interdependent and collaborative roles. Questions usually come up on this so you just have to be sure and know how to different between those 3 functions.
– Read your fundamentals of nursing and nursing responsibilities as it relates to patient care
– Reviewing practice guidelines and policies as it affects healthcare and nursing care services isn’t a bad idea.
– Review nursing independent, interdependent and collaborative roles
– Read about infection control principles
– Practice questions in Saunders NCLEX-RN Questions and Answers, 5th and 6th editions are fine but if you can lay your hand on the 7th edition then it’s ok
– If you can lay your hand on Gapuz ABC’s of passing foreign exams that would be ok. Note that there are not specific exam preparatory books for HAAD.

Tips for Passing HAAD Exam at first attempt

– Don’t take the exam for granted, prepare ahead of time. A one month intensive preparation is ok if you already work in acute care unit, you will just be fine. Others whose practice setting isn’t acute care or might be slow learner can practice for 2 months
– Free your mind from unnecessary worry and apprehension. Its fine to be nervous at first but do not panic. Remember larger percent of people sitting for HAAD the first time usually passed so don’t fidget.
– Remember there is no negative marking so it is better to make sure you answer all questions
– Although the time allotted for the exam is enough but you should also be time conscious and not waaste too much time on a particular question.

On the exam day
– Get to the centre early with your identification card
– After verification your picture and signature will be captured electronically
– You will have to go through the examination rules and regulations
– You will be allotted a locker to place all your items in
– You will be taken to the computer testing room where you will be allotted a computer for your exam
– Invigilator will log you in and a short tutorial about the exam will be presented to you before the exam begins.
– Upon successful completion of the exam you will be taken to reception to be checked out, collect your result and belongings. A copy of your result will be forwarded to HAAD which will reflect in your account
– Nurses who recently sat for HAAD prometric exam have said the result can now take up to 72 hours as it is no longer available immediately. We hope this will be rectify later.

Have you sat for HAAD Prometric exam recently? Please share your experience with others using the comment box below.

NCLEX Unlimited Attempts Ontario Canada Change in Policy

The Ontario government has approved changes to the registration regulation under the Nursing Act, 1991. One outcome of these changes is that Registered Nurse (RN) applicants now have no limit to the number of times they can write the entry-to-practice exam, NCLEX-RN.

Before the College can implement these changes, we must first complete the necessary adjustments to our information systems. We will finalize this work by January 9, 2017, at which time we will be able to process new applications under the revised regulations. Also by this date, we will be contacting all those who are directly impacted by the exam policy changes, including current applicants and RN applicants who recently failed the exam three times to advise them of next steps. Please allow until after January 9, 2017 before contacting the College. Further information will be posted on when it is available.

A summary of the changes can be found in the June 2016 issue of The Standard

No limits to NCLEX-RN exam writes

With this regulation change in place, RN applicants now have no limit on the number of times they can write the NCLEX-RN exam until they pass. Previously, applicants were limited to three attempts.

Passing the exam is one of a set of requirements an RN applicant must meet in order to practise nursing in Ontario. In addition to entry requirements, members are required to maintain nursing competence and adhere to nursing standards. Together these mechanisms help to ensure nurses practice safely initially and throughout their careers.

The number of writes remains unchanged for all other exams that are part of the application process for registering to practise as a nurse in Ontario. The College limits applicants to three attempts on other entry exams because, unlike the NCLEX-RN, those exams are composed of a set of questions administered to all applicants. As a result, a writer’s familiarity with the exam content increases with each attempt. The NCLEX-RN exam is developed and administered differently than the other exams that have been approved by Council. For example, each person who writes the NCLEX-RN exam has a different set of questions. Unlike some other exams, there is no risk of memorizing content – the NCLEX-RN exam system knows when someone is rewriting the exam and generates a new set of questions. Regardless of the number of writes, the only way a person will be successful on the exam is if they are able to show they have the competence to practise safely as an entry-level RN.

All relevant information will be updated on the website by January 9.

Removal of “in Ontario” from the declaration of practice

The registration regulation changes also included the removal of “in Ontario” from the declaration of practice requirements. This change has been captured in the current renewal cycle.

Provinces with NCLEX unlimited attempts canada

1. Alberta
2. Newfoundland and Labrador
3. New Brunswick
4. Nova Scotia
5. Ontario