OET Speaking Tips and Guide

Speaking tips:

-introduce yourself first

-try to be calm as possible. Calculate the time. Look at the recorder (the time is running and you’ll see it).

-if you feel nervous, its ok not to look at the interlocutor. All the time I was having my exam, I was looking at my cue card.

-write on your cue card! Underline, arrow, write cue words on each question as a guide.

-be symphatetic and emphatize.

-ask wether he is following or if everything is clear, let the patient know you will be glad to explain again if needed.

-comfort the patient

-before ending the role play, ask if there is any other concern you didnt address so u can address it

*if you do not know a particular diagnosis or not sure about the treatment, just invent. Take note that the exam is about English and not about your medical knowledge.


But take note that your recording is what’s being graded. There is no camera to tell you you did not maintain eye contact with the patient. If looking at the interlocutor will make you jitter and nervous, better avoid it. A glance once inawhile would be enough.


Also go through speaking tasks in the site or book, also listen to BBC health, could guide you on how to speak English well also watch role play videos of oet

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