OAUTHC Debunks Rumor of Sacking Nurses for Wearing Trousers on Duty

It is a disgusting that the nurses entangled in the uniform issue have chosen to put it in the court of public opinion rather than seek appropriate local dialogue means as advised by the Muslims community. OAUTHC as a pubic institution is regulated by laws and her employee must seek what laws guide their conducts on one issue or the other.

For the avoidance of doubt, the institution has a statutory uniform committee for nurses as well as other health workers using uniforms. If any member of staff desires by any reason to put on any uniform different from the ones approved by the appropriate committee, s/he is expected to write a formal application to the committee stating the reason(s) for his/her request.

The said members of staff flouted this basic public service procedure. In order to prevent them from misleading other nurses, the management requested that they should stop putting on the unapproved uniforms until they do the needful.

It is however a surprise to read the various allegations made against the hospital, the chief medical director and the head of nursing services by the concerned nurses and their blogger.

The general public is hereby enjoined to disregard the information as appropriate administrative step is being taken to properly address the issue. The department of nursing services and in extension, the hospital administration whishes to state categorically that non of her employee will be deprived of his/her human right as long as they seek those right through appropriate means.

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