Nurses Most Trusted Profession 2017

Nurses Most Trusted Profession 2017

The yearly survey has revealed that nurses remain the most trusted profession in Britain with ninety-four percent of the public trusting them to tell the truth – an increase of 1% on last year.

In the poll, nurses are just slightly ahead of doctors who score an impressive ninety-one percent while politicians, ministers and footballers are the least trustworthy.

Although the polling organisation has asked the public to rate the trustworthiness of professionals for the past 34 years nursing has only been included as a profession for the past two – both times topping the poll.

why are nurses so trusted

Janet Davies, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, responding to Ipsos MORI polling showing nursing is the most trusted profession, said:

“This is a proud and well-deserved achievement for our profession. But it is time the political establishment caught up with the rest of the public and realised just how trusted and valued nursing staff are.

“Any supportive statements today must be matched with meaningful investment tomorrow. Government must expand training plans and improve nurses’ work and personal lives – warm words won’t pay the bills nor fix the shortages and allow for the highest care standards.

“The public is on the side of nurses as they know nurses are on theirs – Ministers would do well to remember that in the months to come.”

Government Ministers and politicians are again the least trusted with the public saying only 17% trust politicians.

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