Nurses To UK Without IELTS: NMC List of English Exempted Countries

You can now register and come over to UK to practice as a Nurse if you are either from the following countries or you have practiced as a Nurse in any of the following countries for at least one year (1year). UK NMC exempt any Nurse that has worked in any of these countries for at least a year from providing either OET or IELTS score

·Antigua and Barbuda



·The Bahamas




·British Indian Ocean Territory


·Cayman Islands


·Falkland Islands






·Isle of Man





·Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

·St Kitts and Nevis

·St Lucia

·St Vincent and the Grenadines

·Trinidad and Tobago

·United Kingdom

·United States of America

·US Virgin Islands

So if you have struggled so long with IELTS/OET, you may want to consider any of the above countries. Once you have practiced for a year, then you can apply to UK and be exempted from writing IELTS/OET

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