Nurses Sleeping On Duty: A Satirical Post by Zambia Nurse

I have always aimed at delivering for my patients because that what I was trained for, ba nurse night is night, that’s why I always pray for Zambians not to get sick.

One day I was alone on duty in a fully parked male ward with almost everyone on I.V.F ,in actual sense we were supposed to be three on duty the other one got sick and the other one,the child was sick.

I got a handover and went into a duty room to pray to my God to deliver the service,that was the busiest night I had never experienced,besides we had a lot of last offices almost six.According to the hospital policy, it was the nurse taking charge of last offices.

My people ,I was really tired by 0300hrs,I became I unfunctional.I can’t even now remember how I found myself fast asleep in the duty room.I was told the patient was gasping in one of the rooms,relatives came trying to wake up me so that I could resuscitate the patient, kuti I was half dead.

This was total negligence, that’s how they looked the number for ba Bowman,while I was still dreaming sweet dreams for that matter. He came straight where I was sleeping, poured water on me,that even made my dreams worse,because I was dreaming that I was swimming on lake kariba.

At last they got cold water poured on me again,that’s when I realised I was on duty.”Tipase zina,you are sleeping on duty while patients are dying”the minister asked me.I didn’t feel pity for myself because I knew sleeping on duty was a very big case.I was told I was fired. That’s how my friend called me Mr potpher why are you crying while you are in a sleep.I then realised it was just a dream, I hate night duty 3/7.gudnite

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