Nurses on Air Special Invitation to Nigerian Nurses on WE ACT4SDGs Campaign

On September 25th 2018, Nurses on Air following official partnership with the United Nations Action Campaign, will begin a full scale work on the WE ACT4SDGs 2018/2019 national media awareness campaign featuring ALL NIGERIAN NURSES at home and in the diaspora

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The Current Dilemma for All Nigerian Nurses….

For over 3 decades, the Nigerian nursing image has been in a deep mess. With over 200, 000 nurses across the country and in the diaspora, it is pathetic to see the IMAGE OF NIGERIA NURSING BEING CONTINUOUSLY BATTERED AND VOICES OF NURSES STILL LESS HEARD!

On national print media pages, electronic media screens and on social media platforms, Nigerians and the international community are daily bombarded with negative news and image damaging projection of quacks and the profession’s bad eggs, than the numerous lifesaving acts of angelic nurses.
Are there any unanimously coordinated media efforts currently neutralizing this longstanding dilemma?

Below are heartbreaking answers:

1. There is no official media work positively projecting nurses as the health advocates and public health transformation agents – what they are naturally called to be, thus completely leaving the agelong disheartening misrepresentation unaddressed.
2. There is no single media health broadcast coordinated by professional nurses in the form of ‘national/international terrestrial/satellite based Radio or TV broadcast’ strategically dedicated to magnify the roles of nurses as independent healthcare practitioners, specialists and everyday lifesavers.
3. There is no running health education jingle, campaign advert or public health message sponsored by any Nigerian nursing institution (private/public) to either attend to, care for, or resolve the nagging health needs of the public. (The public knows we don’t care!)
4. There is no single family drama series, film or documentary specifically shot by nurses to portray how the real work of nurses can massively help impact individuals, families and communities, thus correcting public misconception, empowering the public, transforming nursing image and saving countless lives.
5. There has never been any official health educating audio-visual innovations on the social media (e.g. powerfully educative animated videos) or any other educative work in the history of Nigeria made by professional nurses for the purpose of public health education, enlightenment and image laundering (The creation of the only health advocacy animated video existing in the African continent, the perfect answer to the Vice President’s damaging animated video was spearheaded by Nurses on Air.).

Good Health for All – Impossible Without Massive Nursing & Media Advocacy

In September 2015, the nations of the world signed up to the ambitious goal of ensuring that everyone in the world would have access to quality health care – Universal Health Coverage – and that nobody should be left behind. On this moment, the United Nations held the historic adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.
This significant event makes the month of September a very special month for Nigerian nurses. Why?

Nurses constitute the largest population (about two thirds) of the Nigerian healthcare workforce, and without us the Universal Health Coverage and the UN SDGs is a mere charade.

How Do we Take Our Rightful Place?

On September 25th 2018, the 3rd anniversary of the historic adoption of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Nurses on Air Foundation, an action partner of the United Nation SDGs, will be collaborating with the entire Nigerian nursing community, every single vibrant young and older nursing leaders, federal and state regulatory bodies, leading national and state nursing associations and professional bodies. state and FG healthcare institutions, nursing departments in state and FG’s MOHs, non governmental organizations and all online groups representing Nigerian nurses, a host of official partners, stakeholders and corporate sponsors; to commission the biggest and most exciting collaborative media work of nurses in the history of the country – the first ever National Media Awareness and Public Health Advocacy unitedly orchestrated by Nigerian nurses.
From September 1st, 2018, the “#WEACT4SDGS” online portal with the link above will be opened for nationwide registration.

We therefore officially invite individual nurses and all organization leaders to begin immediate registration of their respective organizations, departments, establishment and groups as soon as possible to prominently feature in the first media shooting slated for Tuesday September 25th 2018.

Are you a team player or a team leader? Do you love the camera? Do you believe in the power of the media?
Are you or your team ready and willing to join hands, partner with the PUBLIC so we can unanimously re-brand the Nigerian nursing image via the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage?

We urge you to simply click the link above to register and actively participate in the upcoming nation shaking media campaign by nurses.
And don’t forget to re-broadcast this post to all your nursing friends and colleagues.

Nurses on Air Foundation & United Nations Action Campaign

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