Nurses Must Cease Every Opportunity To Learn So They Can Take Leadership Role by Heinz Mwaipopo

Did you know that Melu Mizinga the former Managing Director for Stanchart in Zambia was once a Nurse? She is currently the Director and CEO for Barclays group Southern regional representative.

Did you know that Samora Marchel former president of Mozambique was a Nurse before he became the president? Did you know that Jean Kapata Mandevu constituency MP is a Nurse by proffession.

In fact, I have known a good number of people that have risen up from being a simple Enrolled Nurse to the level of being tutors/doctors/lawyers. Don’t give an excuse that there are no positions for degree holders in institutions . Have a degree in Paediatrics, education Critical Care Nursing and any course in line with your career . You don’t know what the future holds. Prepare for the future, dynamically systems of employment are changing. Age is no longer a factor. Your highest qualification speaks volumes. If you don’t want to be frustrated, go back to school. Otherwise get ready to be supervised by the young guys who are the age mates of your children. You will be saluting them like in military and security wings. What are the things to do?

(1).Stop giving excuses and procrastinations.
(2).Rewrite your high school examinations like George Weah president of Liberia.
(3). Change your mindset and routine activity that are not giving favourable results.
(4). Stop spending the whole week at church or on television shouting “I receive”. Start working on something. God rewards the labour of your hands.
(5).Be determined and be focussed. These people that are making it in life, have been working bit by bit. Most ACC holders did not achieve it in one day.
(6). Never ever despise the small beginnings, the latter might be greater than what you think.
(7). You are growing old now, stop playing games of young ones in the name of having fan. Build your destiny . Yes you can make it.
See you at the top the bottom is too congested. Have a lovely week and take care.72

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