Nurse urges public to learn CPR after fatal vehicle crash

A nurse urged the public to learn CPR after happening upon a fatal crash scene.

TMJ4 reported that Lindsey Skebba was on her way to a baby shower when she came upon the crash scene before EMS crews arrived and saw that several bystanders were not performing CPR on a victim, who later died.

“I noticed the man lying on the side of the road and people standing around him,” Skebba said. “I asked if anyone had done compressions, they said he didn’t have a pulse. That is the indication that CPR should be started.”

Skebba said she began CPR right away, but was alarmed that the bystanders did not do the same thing.

“There [were] quite a few people out there,” she said. “It’s a little concerning that not many people knew to do CPR.”

A man offered to help her when she grew tired, and she walked him through the process until first responders arrived at the scene.

Skebba hopes the incident will remind the public to learn CPR.

“CPR can double or triple somebody’s chance at survival,” she said. “It’s really important to start it right away and the only time you would do it is if somebody was in cardiac arrest or did not have a pulse.”

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