Nurse ‘killed four pensioners with insulin injections to revive them and play hero’

A nurse allegedly killed four diabetic pensioners after injecting them with incorrect insulin doses to revive them and be seen as a hero, according to prosecutors.

Known only as Rahiied, 22, the medic worked at a care home in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and was originally suspected of being involved in the deaths of three OAPs.

Now, he has been linked to a fourth victim, say prosecutors.

Besides the four deaths, Rahiied A. is also suspected of attempting to kill six other pensioners who narrowly survived the insulin injections.

The public prosecutor’s office is still waiting for the autopsy results of two other possible victims which could also be linked to the suspect.

Besides the homicides, Dutch prosecutors also accuse Rahiied A. of theft from one of the care homes as well as forging documents.

According to local media, Rahiied A. faked his certificate of conduct after he was caught stealing, which allowed him to find a job at another care home.

Rahiied A. was arrested in November 2017 after a woman in a nursery home in Puttershoek became unwell.

Investigators found that the woman was injected with insulin despite it not being necessary.

Insulin, which is a life-saving hormone for those suffering from diabetes, can lead to hypoglycemic coma and death if taken in large doses or by non-diabetics.

According to local media, Rahiied A. said during an interrogation that he tried to make pensioners sick so he could play the role of hero when resuscitating them and nursing them back to health.

The case is similar to that of horror nurse Niels Hoegel, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of six patients and is charged with 97 new counts of murder which would make him the deadliest killer in modern
German history.

Reports said that he deliberately overdosed patients with the heart medication Gilurytmal just so he could enjoy the feeling of resuscitating them.

According to the prosecutors, Hoegel killed 35 other patients in a clinic in Oldenburg and 62 in a clinic in Delmenhorst.

Thorsten K., a 43-year-old nurse who served time in jail with Hoegel after being convicted of fraud, claimed that German death nurse spoke many times about killing patients in the clinic.

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