Nurse In Search of Greener Pasture in Arab Country Turned To Slave

A yet to be identified Nigerian Nurse who emptied her savings for an agent to facilitate her migration journey to Oman has been turned to a slave and sexually assaulted

In a video shared on Instagram by a blogger which had since gone viral, the Nurse narrated how her international passport was seized from her, work non-stop as a slave and frequently sexually harassed. Below is an excerpt of her speech:

I beg you in the name of Almighty God, help me and bring me out of here. The people that brought me into this country didn’t tell me I’m coming here as a slave. I was told I would get a Nursing job here, I would be well paid and I would be fine….. Me getting here I end up as an housemaid, not even an housemaid but as a slave. No stopping work, I don’t sleep, I don’t go out, My international passport is with them. They seize it from me and I have been sexually harassed again. Please help me get out of here, I beg you in the name of God. They told me they paid to the agent in Nigeria that they have overall control of my life for good 2 years………….

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Nigerian Nurses with the dream of getting better job abroad are daily exploited by greedy business men and women who see Nurses as their ATM machine. has various social media platforms it uses in educating nurses on the right path to take in migration to any country of their choice (Free of charge) and advice every Nurses to use these platforms to ask questions and seek clarification before dolling out their hard earned money to greedy and wicked agents. Share this post and warn other Nurses

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