Nurse Deported back to Nigeria for Fraudulent IELTS result

According to a post circulating on social media, a Nurse from Nigeria has allegedly been deported for presenting a fraudulent IELTS result. Below is the post in circulation:

A nurse (identity withheld) has been deported back to Nigeria for processing her NMC UK application with a IELTS result gotten fraudulently. The Nurse was said to have resumed work in UK in February,2022 after following due process of the NMC UK application and presented an IELTS result of 8.5 overall band.

She was observed to have a poor command of English which stirred up question among coworkers and patients

She was invited for questioning by the management team, the meeting with her further confirmed the allegations against her, as she could barely express herself correctly in English.

Not only was her employment canceled, she was banned from NMC UK register and thereafter deported back to Nigeria.

This should serve as a warning to desperate Nurses who want to leave Nigeria at all cost. If you must leave, please leave legitimately, work on your English and write you IELTS yourself. Don’t present an IELTS results of 8.5 when you can’t even speak a band 5 English.
Imagine all the stress this lady has gone through, only to be deported and banned by NMC UK.

I wish you the best.

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