Nurse and a Blogger Shannon Stewart Releases new Book “Grief”

There’s one thing many people share across communities, income brackets, religions, genders, and lifestyles. They often are ill-prepared to manage their emotions when someone close to them becomes seriously ill, or worse is expected to only have a limited time left to live. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been many straight-from-the-heart, easy to relate to resources dealing with the subject to help people facing this kind of barrage of often conflicting emotions. Stepping up to help, is the uniquely qualified, deeply experienced Critical Care Nurse, Social Media Micro-Influencer, well-respected blogger, and co-publisher of two best selling Amazon books Shannon Stewart. Stewart decided to take her 18 years plus of experience in this area and use it as the foundation for her latest book “Grief: 5 Lives, 5 Stories, 1 Need… Acceptance” aimed at not just telling the stories of people facing grief and how they work their way through the experience, but, importantly, giving her own professional, actionable advice on how those who may face similar circumstances can make it through to the other side as emotionally and physically intact as possible.


“I am very excited to see ‘Grief’ being released, I really think many people will find a huge amount of value in the lessons taught,” commented the energetic Stewart. “I love to write and becoming a published author is the logical next step from my social media influencer work and blogging.”


A true medical professional, Stewart graduated on December 5th, 2018 from South University’s Family Nurse Practitioner program and is a critical care Registered Nurse with a CCRN certification. Only 2% of the over 3,000,000 Registered Nurses in the United States hold this truly elite certification, confirming Stewart’s position as an authority in the critical areas that “Grief” touches on.


The pre-release of “Grief” is available for order on


For more information on Stewart’s diverse work be sure to visit


About Shannon Stewart


Shannon E. Stewart is a critical care Registered Nurse, an executive of the independent label and publishing house 2MCH4YA Global Entertainment, co-publisher for a two-time best-selling author, and an Instagram and social media influencer. One of her true passions is shining light on the work done by caregivers as she also has been a caregiver not just in her professional life, but in her personal life to her 100% disabled veteran spouse.

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