nmc test of competence part 1: cbt exam practice

Meaning of MRSA : Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Meaning of AVPU: Alert, voice, pain, unconsciousness.

Which is not a step in tuckmans formation theory: accepting.

During blood transfusion, patient exhibit loin pain, pyrexia: adverse transfusion reaction.

Patient taking allopurionol what to advice: encourage to drink 2-3 liters of fluid.

A community nurse observes a student nurse using her phone while at a client’s home: politely speak to the student and encourage her to participate in the discussion.

A sexually active university student will be travelling to areas with high risk of diarrhea what to advice: educate her to avoid oral contraceptives and use condom because diarrhea reduces the effect contraceptives.

Tabs 2.5mg to be administered per house how many tabs to be administered in 24 hours.

a.60 b. 80 c. 90

A drug is prescribed daily 7.50mg available in 2.5mg how many caps to be administered per dose.

Dangerous sites for Intramuscular injection : Abdomen

Subcutaneous insulin injection at what angle. a. 45 degrees, b. 90 degrees, c. 40 degrees.

Patient is to receive a medication prescribed 55mg and weighs 3mg/kg, whats the dose to be administered.

Amoxicillin is prescribed 500mg tds and available 250mg, how many caps to administer in a single dose.

100ml of saline is administered in half an hours how many ml will be infused in an hour. Answer: 200ml in an hour

A nurse needs to be proficient in fluid volume balance a client’s intake is 2738mls with an output of 750 whats the fluid balance.

A patient suffered CVA patient has difficulty speaking and swallowing: refer to Salt.

Before administering care the first thing a nurse needs to do: a. wash hands, b. check consent, c. put the curtains.

How to dispose of infected lines: red bag that disintegrate in high temperature.

A client is to receive digoxin the nurse should ensure she checks the rate, rhythm, amplitude of the heart rate.

The immediate priority of a post op patient: asses and maintain airway.

Purpose of clinical audit

According to NMC code the nurse delegate washing of a patient to a health care assistant: who is accountable

A patient receiving chemotherapy which has been researched to be least likely beneficial to the patient: crystal therapy.

A notifiable disease that needs to be reported by the doctor on a national level: tuberculosis.

A 17 year old who was involved in a vehicular accident is admitted in the orthopedic unit, patient is noticed not eating the meals she ordered even though she’s in her recovery stage: regression.

Patient was assessed and score medium using the must tool: observe intake and output for 3 days.

A client is prescribed fentanyl patch what to advice the patient, family and carers of the signs and symptoms: shallow and slow respiration, increase sleepiness.

The least reason why early ambulation is encouraged in a post op patient: operation site wound infection.

You saw a senior nurse beating a child: Intervene on the spot in a non-confrontational manner, inform nurse in charge.

Worst advice to give a student about social media: Never identify yourself as a nurse

Gingival bleeding gums indicate: Poor diet

Patient cannot speak English: professional interpreter

A nurse notices a thin, emaciated child among patient relatives, when nurse offers food, the mother says he doesn’t eat much: suspect child neglect and inform manager for possible investigation.

A nurse delegate duties to HCA: nurse is accountable for every action and overall care of the patient.

Patient assessed as having bedsore with shallow wound up to the dermis, red color and no slough: Stage 2

Which of the following does not protect a patient from clinical environment: air conditioner

Signs to expect when inserting oropharyngeal airway when inserted correctly/ incorrectly: retching and vomiting

Who is responsible in disposing sharps: the one who uses it

Before surgery, patient BMI is to low: Refer to dietician

Loss of ability to speak/read: aphasia

Contingency theory:

What is not included in emails? Any abnormal result

What is the role of NMC?

Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment : they are 6’cs

A patient has sexual interest in you, your response? Try to reestablish the therapeutic com and relationship with the px and ask manager for support.

A client with fluid volume deficit will exhibit: hypotension

Px relative has episodes of vomiting and diarrhea wants to visit him: Advise to come back 48 hours after symptom free

Not a sign of depression: increased energy

Px says can I tell u a secret: relevant info affecting his health will be shared with the medical team

Pt wants to leave against medical advice, the doctor is not happy. According to MCA what to do: Call hospital security and make the px stay until the doctor finish his assessment.

COPD ABG: increased PCo2, decreased Po2 44.

How to transport controlled drugs: Show your id badge to the pharmacist, securely bring the meds to the px home and administer. Have a competent person to sign and witness the act

Why NGT drugs should be discarded after 8 weeks: NGT drugs are sensitive to light and plastic and the effect diminishes if used longer

Who is responsible for safeguarding: All health care professionals

Who are prone to COAD: Male, obese, hypertensive, sedentary lifestyle, smoker.

Proper technique for eye instillation: head tilt backward in midline

Common cause of airway obstruction in an unconscious? Tongue falling back

Waterlow score 20: dynamic mattress or air loss air bed

Fruits per serving: 5 portions

CPD units: 35

Common site for aneurysm: Abdominal Aorta

Oral anticoagulant: INR

Community hospital services: Rehabilitation, acute and primary care, occupational therapy, step down for discharged clients: Other answers have no occupational therapy, so I choose this one.

Depressed px is feeling happy: she has finalized her suicide plan.

An 83-year old lady just lost her husband. Her brother visited the lady in her house. He observed that the lady is acting okay but it is obvious that she is depressed. 3weeks after the husband’s death, the lady called her brother crying and was saying that her husband just died. She even said, “I can’t even remember him saying he was sick.” When the brother visited the lady, she was observed to be well physically but was irritable and claims to have frequent urination at night and she verbalizes that she can see lots of rats in their kitchen. Based on the manifestations, as a nurse, what will you consider as a diagnosis to this patient? Ans: urinary tract infection leading to delirium.

You are to take charge of the next shift of nurses, the in charge of the current shift informed you that two of your nurses will be absent. Since there is a shortage of staff in your shift, what will you do? ANS: inform the nurse lead or manager to make provision for registered nurse support.

An elderly complaints to you that his neighbour is stealing money from him : Raise a safeguarding alert and fill the incident report form and investigate the matter.

Muslim patient is asking for female doctor: Assess the patient if the condition of the can wait while making arrangements for female doctor.

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