NMC OSCE Review: OSCE Revision For Nurses

APIE commonly mistakes:
1. Hand hygiene frequency
2. 3-way check identification
3. Allergy to food, drugs, and latex -its reactions as well
4. Preferred Name to be called my patient
5. Incomplete Obs Chart
6. Incorrect NEWS scoring (did not include Oxygen to the score)
7. Full 2mins checking of PR and RR
8. Did not properly address traps (table, stick, pillows on top)
9. Call bell
10. Showing compassion to the patient
11. Not having a S.M.A.R.T. planning
12. Did not include specific time and date in the re evaluation plan.
13. Copying of interventions from the 1st planning problem
14. Signature and Safe in Planning
15. Paracetamol traps in the implementation.
(overdosage 4grams/day only, patient underweight, previously given paracetamol, specific instruction to give – ex. for pyrexia)

16. Giving meds that is due for tomorrow
17. Not enough time in the implementation
18. Did not address the IV
19. Double checking of identity in the implementation
20. Touching the tablet.
21. Forgot to check drug expiry
22. Wrong dosage given
23. Forgot to inform patient of the drug’s indication and side effects.
24. Not giving tablets in separate drug cup.
25. Allergy to Penicillin – given Co Amoxiclav
26. Forgot to code drugd not given and write at the back of drug chart
27. Did not see the drug was coded by other nurse thereby including it to the drugs given in the evaluation.
28. Did not sign and write date in the evaluation.
29. Did not include the diagnosis in the reason for admission
30. Write or added an info in the evaluation which was not done in the API.
31. Incomplete drugs in the drugs given and drugs omitted in the evaluation.

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