NMC CBT Sample Questions and CBT Exam Practice 5

Disclaimer: Note that these questions are just sample questions to help you to pass the NMC CBT exam. They were sent in by a reader

1)mild pain after surgery and pain is reduced by taking which medicine
c)paracetamol with codeine
d)paracetamol with morphine

2)Earing aid provide to client comes under which act?
a)communication act
b)mental capacity act
c)children and family act.

3)24 hrs after abdominal surgery pain is not reduced what management will provide
a)heat pad
b) reclined position
c)call doctor

4)patient thinks that he is over weight so nurse send that patient to
c)mental health team

5)active listenting means
a)verbal communication
b)non verbal communication
c)verbal and non verbal communication

6)how the nurse assess the quality of care given
a)reflective process
b) clinical bench marking
c)peer and patient response
d)all the above

7) oral corticosteriods side effect
a)mood variation

8)obesity is one of the main problem.what might cause this?
b) unequality
c)low economic class

9)constipation needs to be sort out during

10)vital signs how periodically needs to be checked by the nurse during admission?
a)during admission
b)morning and evening
c)according to patient condition

11.Management of moderate malnutrition in children?
-supplimentary nutrition
-immediate hospitalization
-weekly assessment
-document intake for three days
12.which drug to be avoided by a patient on digoxin?

13.what is the meaning of compassion?
14.how orthostatic hypotension happens?
15.NEWS score of 5-what action is appropriate?
-increase frequency of observation
-physician review
-tranfer patient to critical care unit

16. Dehydration is of particular concern in ill health. If a patient is receiving IV fluid replacement and is having their fluid balance recorded, which of the following statements is true of someone said to be in “positive fluid balance”
A. The fluid output has exceeded the input
B. The doctor may consider increasing the IV drip rate
C. The fluid balance chart can be stopped as “positive” means “good”
D. The fluid input has exceeded the output

17. What is the best way to prevent who is receiving an enteral feed from aspirating?
A. Lie them flat
B. Sit them at least 45 degree angle
C. Tell them to lie in their side
D. Check their oxygen saturations

18. What should be included in your initial assessment of your patient’s respiratory status?
A. Review the patient’s notes and charts, to obtain the patient’s history
B. Review the results of routine investigations
C. Observe the patient’s breathing for ease and comfort, rate and pattern
D. Perform a systematic examination and ask the relatives for the patients history

19. Why are anti- embolic stockings an effective means of reducing the potential of developing a deep vein thrombosis(DVT)
A. They promote arterial blood flow
B. They promote venous blood flow
C. They reduce the risk of postoperative swelling
D. They promote lymphatic fluid flow, and drain

20. .When will you disclose the identity of a patient under your care?
a. Justified by public interest law and order
b. When media demands for it
c. When patient relatives wishes to
d. You can disclose it anytime you want

21. What are the principles of gaining informed consent prior to plan surgery?
A. Gaining permission for an imminent procedure by providing information in medical terms, ensuring a patient knows the potential risks and intended benefits
B. Gaining permission from a patient who is competent to give it, by providing information, both verbally and with written material, relating to the planned procedure, for them to read on the day of planned surgery
C. Gaining permission from a patient who is competent to give it, by informing them about the procedure and highlighting risks if the procedure is not carried out
D. Gaining permission from a patient who is competent to give it, by providing information in understandable terms prior to surgery, allowing time for answering questions, and inviting voluntary participation
22.Which behaviors will encourage a patient to talk about their concerns?

23..What functions should a dressing fulfill for effective wound healing?
A.High humidity, insulation, gaseous exchange, absorbent
b.Anaerobic, impermeable, conformable, low humidity
c.Insulation, low humidity, sterile, high adherence
d.Absorbent, low adherence, anaerobic, high humidity
24. .adverse reaction repoting
-yellow card
25.while mentoring a final year student dispensing medication .nurse role ?
-direct supervision
-before delegating find out he is competemnt
-ask himt to tell after the administration is complete
26.electonic data transfer is more these days, which of the report is not suitable to sent to a discharged client ?
-Abnormal blood report
-smoking caessation policy
-diet plan
27.primary care ?
-care provided in acute settings
-first hand care appoach made by pt
28.. Why old people afebrile even if they are infected ?
-immature mast T- lymphocYtes
interuuption of non adrenaline activity
29.dehydration in old adult ?(2)
30. You noticed medical equipment not working while you joined a new team and the team members are not using it. Your role?
-during audit raise your concern
-inform in written to management
-inform nmc
-take photograph
31. 86. Heart rate below 50?
ans. Bradycardia
32. .proper technique to use walke?.
-move 10 feet, take small steps
-move 10feet, take large wide steps
-move 12feet
-tansform weight to walker and walk
33. ideal site for IM INJECTIONS in buttocks region ?
ans. upper outer quadrant
34. 109.after abdominal surgery.pt complains of pain even after administration of analgesics little ago?
-apply heat
-position to reclined positon
-Call the doctor
-Read minister analgesic
35.after laminectomy how to turn patient ?
– Turned as a unit
36.pt states “i hate cancer”according to kobler theory this is
37.proper method to collect urine sample?
ans. clean meatus and collect midstream
38.one the day of discharge spouse of a pt is tensed about discharge ?
-cancel discharge
-Explain the pt to express his fears and fix time for consultation
-inform the doctor
39.health care assistant task delegation criteria?
-make sure he is competent
-make sure he is experienced
-confirm that he is a staff having same designation
-he is an employee of the same institution
40.while dealing with a pt,sexualityaganist nurses belief ?

41. What is the min required hours for in service education in uk for 3 years?
• 25
• 35
• 45
• 55
42. An adult is offered the opportunity to participate in research on a new therapy. The researcher ask thenurse to obtain the patient’s consent. What is most appropriate for the nurse to take?
1) Be sure the patient understands the project before signing the consent form
2) Read the consent form to the patient & give him or her an opportunity to ask questions
3) Refuse to be the one to obtain the patient’s consent
4) Give the form to the patient & tell him or her to read it carefully before signing it.

43. What do you mean by code of ethics?
Legal activities of a registered nurse who work in the UK
Legislative body to control nurses

44. A client is diagnosed with cancer what is your response?
Take her to another room and allow her to discuss with the husband
Tell them to wait in the room and I will come and talk to u after my duty
45. Notifiable disease
Swine fue
46. A registered nurse is new to the diagnosis of a patient who came for treatment, what to do?
Clarify doubts with senior staff and plan nursing care accordingly
Read books about the condition and start working with confidence
47. You observed that a nurse has not washed the hands before touching patient what to do?
Interrupt and ask to wash hands
Call the nurse privately and talk about this later
48. What is the first action before doing primary assessment of a patient
Arrange articles
Provide privacy
Hand wash
49. How to reduce the risk of injury to an adult patient by identifying?
When , where, and why
Type of risk, source and measures to prevent
Age of patient, environment and ……
50. Contigency theory
Keeping big picture and assessing the capacity of staffs
51. What is not useful of early ambulation?
Reduce wound infection
Reduce chest infection
Reduce DVT
52. Why should nurse encourage family members to speak with patient with coma in end of life.
To give psychological support to the family
Hearing is the last sense to end
It is the responsibility of nurse to tell
53. Who should do the assessment in a patient with dysphagia
Neurologic physiotherapist
Speech therapist
Occupation therapist
54. A patient is rapidly deteriorating due to drug over dose what to do?
Assess ABCDE, call help, keep anaphylactic kit
Call for help, keep anaphylactic kit, assess ABCDE
Assess ABCDE, keep anaphylactic kit, inform doctor, call for help
55. When you identify a child abuse what will you do?
Raise concern for child and inform manager
Inform social service group
Inform manager and help to investigate with her
56. A client wants to go home against medical advice but not mentally competent what to do?
Inform security to hold the patient until doctor finishes his assessment.
Release the patient as patient priority need to be considered.
57. Patient relative want to visit the patient who is admitted with diarrhea what to tell?
Tell her to wait for 48 hours
Tell her to come and see the patient after symptoms subside.
Tell her to see the patient but don’t touch her
58. What is the expansion of APVU?
59. Controlled drug delivery to patient?
60. When a patient ask to keep a secret what is best to say?
As I would like you to develop trust on me, I will keep it as a secret
My professional ethics do not permit me to disclose any information of patient secrets, so I will keep it as a secret.
61. A patient with stoma complaints that the stoma bag is loose and the area is rigid what is your best action?
Teach the patient about diets and wound management.
Encourage the patient to consult a doctor
Assess the stoma site and refer the patient to a stoma nurse.
62. What is right in case of consent among children under 18.
Only children between 16-18 are competent to give it
Parents are responsible to give consent with children
Children who are intellectually developed and understand matters can give consent.
63. A student nurse is busy with her mobile and not listening what to do?
Call her personally and discuss about this later when both of you are free.
Tell her politely to stop what she is doing and ask her to join with the education
64. How to communicate with the conditions of patients in a psychiatric unit
Mental status examination
Group discussions
Core nursing process
65. A patient relative complaints that her mother is not yet bathed by the nurse what is the best action?
Accept it , tell them that we will investigate about this and meet the areas of need
Appreciate for complaining and make sure that the patient is bathed.
66. You observe that the staff is threatening aged patient, best action?
Immediately stop her and encourage the patient to make a complaint against the staff
Immediately stop the staff and raise concern about the patient who is weak and aged.
67. Audit in nursing means
Identify the errors and problems
Assess the areas of improvement.
68. Your nurse manager approaches you in a tertiary level old age home where complex cases are admitted, and she tells you that today everyone should adopt task – oriented nursing to finish the tasks by 10 am whats your best action
Discuss with the manager that task oriented nursing may ruin the holistic care that we provide here in this tertiary level.
Ask the manager to re-consider the time bound, make sure that all staffs are informed about task oriented nursing care
69. What do you mean by tertiary care?
Palliative, rehabilitation, step dawn patients, long term illness
70. IV injection need to be reconsider when,?
Medicine is available in tab form
Poor alimentary absorption
Drug interaction due to GI secretions.
71. Doctor visit the patient after a typical surgery, and patient inform the doctor that the surgery is not successful. Doctor ask you to be with the patient until the senior nurse arrves. What is your best action during that time ?
Be with the patient without doing anything.
Ask the patient to tell what doctor said
Note down the information in nurses notes
72. Common type of drug error due to pressureful situation?
Wrong dose, identity
Prescription error
Look alike sound alike drugs error
73. When you observe a patient has gum bleeding during brushing her teeth this may indicate?
A disease
Poor diet
Complication of medication
74. What is the terminology for cannot speak due to stroke?
75. A patient with complex, multiple diseases is discharged to a teritary level care unit what to do?
Inform the teritary unit about patient arrival
Call for a multidisciplinary meeting with professional who took care of patient to discuss the patient care modalities that everyone accepts.
Inform to patient relatives abot the situation
76. Which is not effective in respiratory therapy?
Relaxation technique by traditional healer
Something “CRYSTAL therapy
77. You observe a new staff who always ask others before doing things since she is not confident enough to do things and unaware of the unit. What conclusion you will make.?
Accept limitation and ask doubt to promote patient safety
Unaware of matters and may risk the patient life
Incapabile of doing things
78. You observe that a staff is doing poor documentation and find difficult to continue the next shift due to this problem what to do?
Talk with her privately and teach her how to do better documentation
Inform her that this activity may affect patient care and it is not acceptable.
79. What do you mean by a bad leadership?
Appreciate initiativeness
Appreciate better work
Reward poor performance
80. What do u mean by contingency theory?
81. According to Francis study what do you mean by courage by the nurse?
82. What is the sign of denture stomatitis?
83. When you find out that 2 staffs are on leave for next duty shift and its of staff shortage what to do with the situation?
Inform the superiors and call for a meeting to solve the issue
Contact a private agency to provide staff
Close the admission until adequate staffs are on duty.
84. What will u do if you observe a patient with poor nutrition?
Start nutritional supplements
Inform doctor
Refer to dietician.
85. medium diet score for a patient? What is the immediate action…
its related to a tool that is used to assess the nutritional status of patients in the uk.
86. What should teach the patient who take tab. Allopurinol
Drink lots of water
Avoid caffeinated beverages
87. According to the royal marsden manual, a staff who observe the removal of chest drainage is considered as?
Official training
Unofficial training
Hours which are not calculated as training hours
It is calculated as prsecribed training hours.
88. Was not competent enough to give a tablet prescribed by a doctor? What to do
Don’t administer & Inform doctor
Don’t administer & Inform manager
89. What is mean by delegation to an assistnt
Authority is delegated to the other
Responsibility is not delegated
The Nurse is responsible for the overall work
90. How to manage the infectious linen?
91. A patient with dementia is mourning and pulling the dress during night what do you understand from this?
Patient is incontinent
Patient is having pain
Patient has medication toxicity.
92. pt bring own medication to hospital and wants to self administer. your role ?
allow him
give medications back to relatives to take back
keep it in locker,use from medication trolly
explain to pt about medication before he administer it
93. how can we identify health problems of a patient ?
-medical notes
-Talking to their friends
94. care, competence, courage, compassion, commitment is ?
6 C’S
Professional values.
95. the one who develops and providing information?
a) nurse educator
b) nurse advocate
Ç) nurse researcher
D) nurse practioner

96.what is empathetic nursing?
97. how to position a patient with lumbar laminectomy?
98. What is clinical benchmarking?
99.what is compassionate nsg?
100. In the department where the RN works hoist is not working and there is rosk to the patient safety,what is the responsibility of RN?
a)report to management team
b) telephone and report to CQ
c)report during team meeting

101. what is primary care level setting?
102. drug interactions with digoxin?
103. Prions found in which disease.

104. What kind of relation does transformational leader maintain.
105. If u r a mentor of a student nurse, and if the student request u to be with tissue viability nurse, how will u deal.
106. Type 1 DM patient signs and symptoms
107. A post op client who is having hypotension, bed should be tilted in which cases: eg: chest surgery, abdominal surgery,lower limb surgery, gynac surgery.
108. U r calling a pts relative about the expected death, what should be ur way of speaking.
109. 500 ml of 0.9% NS is onflow at 20 ggt/m, the IV safeset 15 drops, how many hours will the saline go.
110. 90 mg of Vail is available, patient’s BSA is 55.4m², calculate the dose
111. A patient with CRF has which all symptoms
112. Patient with glomerular nephritis come with symptoms of puffy face,edema,dyspnea. How can dyspnea occur to this patient.
113.Client with neutropenia has which all symptoms
114. In source isolation what all precaution should be followed.

115. Portions included in daily meal
116. Sign and symptoms of compensated shock.

117. Following should be done if patient has pulseless ventricular tachycardia.
118. A client has anaphylaxis reaction,as a community nurse what should u do.
119. a post op patient has gurgling sounds…what is the immediate action
120. An unmarried Muslim is diagnose with ectopic pregnancy, she is accompanied by her friend. When the family arrives, the friend tell them about the pregnancy, the patient mother collapsed, the father leaves the room. What should have RN done in such situations.

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