Nigerian Passport Renewal UK: How To Renew Your Passport in London, UK

1. Go to
2. In the dropbox pick Standard ePassport
3. Pick United Kingdom as processing country
4. Scroll down and click on Start Application
5. Click on the login icon of either Yahoo or Gmail. If you pick either Yahoo or Gmail, a popup will open where you will be able to login into your email, you can then have access to the application form after.
6. After completing the application form you will be directed to Innovate1 payment platform where you will be able to make payment with your ATM card
7. After making payment, print out the acknowledgment slip, payment receipt and the summary page of your application form
8. Wait for email from Nigeria High Commission in London to invite you for Biometric capturing. This might take 2-5 months as the Commission is currently dealing with the backlog due to COVID-19. Once you get the email invitation for the biometrics, you will need to go with the following documents on your appointment date. Don’t worry if you can’t go on the date, you have a two-week window to do that.
9. Below is a copy of the email sent to applicant:

Dear Applicant,

Your appointment with the Nigeria High Commission is on the Day of
Month, Year between XYZ.00am and ABC.00am. It is important that you
come along with the Application ID generated to you, this is to enable
you to gain entry into the Mission. Also, note that there would be an
administrative charge of £20.00 postal order payable to the Nigeria High
Commission for each applicant which can be obtained from any post

However, if you are unable to attend this appointment, you have up to
two weeks to attend your appointment from the date of your actual
appointment above. Remember to bring your old passports (if applicable)
or the necessary documents if applying for the first time.

Also, visit for
information on supporting documents especially the print out of your
application form with the passport payment slip. You are also informed
to come along with a stamp Royal Mail C4 special delivery envelope to
enable the Mission to mail back your passports as there would be NO
physical collection once the biometric has been taken.

Kind Regards,

Nigeria High Commission London.

10. After your biometrics your passport will be posted to you using the self-addressed envelope you submitted.

Note: For those who can’t wait for the High Commission to send them biometrics invitation, they can as well go for expedite service. This involves buying £120.00 (£100 for expedite and £20 for charges) postal order payable to the Nigeria High Commission. You can go anytime you want as this replaces the invitation letter

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