New Zealand Nursing Registration for UK Nurses

Good day and welcome to my blog where I am going to talk about the New Zealand Nursing registration for UK, US, Ireland Nurses who wish to migrate to Australia. Since Australia changed her Nursing registration process, getting registered as a Nurse in Australia is no longer a in walk in the park hence the easiest way is to first register as a Nurse in New Zealand then endorse it to Australia.

New Zealand Nursing Registration Requirements

  1. You must have a Bachelor degree in Nursing , Nurses who have diplomas are not qualified. However, there have been few cases where those with diploma in Nursing and degree in any health related fields are accepted and issued RN licenses. You may want to speak to CGFNS New Zealand and New Zealand Nursing Board before you proceed in case you fall into this category.
  2. You must have at least two years post registration experience in health related settings. The experience can be from Nigeria, Kenya, UK, USA or any country.
  3. Registration and working as a Nurse in UK, USA, Ireland or Singapore. About six month of working in any of the above listed countries should be good.

Step-by-Step Guide to New Zealand Nursing Registration for UK Nurses

Step 1: Create an account with New Zealand CGFNS. Read more about the process of creating CGFNS account How To Create CGFNS Account For New Zealand Nursing Board

Step 2: After all the needed documents have been received and validated by CGFNS, a report will be issued and a copy will be sent to you for review. Make sure you go through the report and be sure all the information therein is accurate, you can then give CGFNS the approval to issue your final report.

Step 3: CGFNS will pass your document directly to New Zealand Nursing Board and you will be contacted by New Zealand Nursing Board to create an account where you will be able to monitor the progress of your application. Once you create your application, you need to pay the application fees of NZ$485.

Step 4: Create an account with Fit2work for Criminal Background check. To create an account go to and then complete the form. You will need to complete criminal check for only the country you have lived in for 12 months in the last 7 years and make the payment of around AUD$149.

Step 5: Your criminal background check result will be sent directly to New Zealand Nursing board once it is ready and a copy will be sent to you.

Step 6: Once all your document is complete with the New Zealand Nursing Board, your case manager will contact you and invite you to complete an application for your annual practicing certificate called APC. However, if you have any outstanding requirement or more information is needed, your case manager will ask you to provide such information before your application can be approved for registration.

Step 7: Once you are clear to register for your annual practice certificate, then you can proceed to complete your application form and make the application form payment. Your license will be issued and you can then proceed to endorse it to Australia.

How to Endorse New Zealand Nursing License To Australia License.

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