New Zealand Nursing Council Registration Requirement

New Zealand Nursing Council Registration Requirement

Requirements for registration

Applicants for registration must provide evidence that they:

have an international nursing qualification equivalent to that prescribed in New Zealand. The qualification prescribed by the Nursing Council for Registered Nurses from overseas was updated 1 March 2013 (the nursing qualification leading to registration was further refined 9July 2015).

are competent to practise within their scope of practice

are fit for registration. This includes the ability to communicate effectively in English for the purpose of practising nursing.

International applicants from all countries (except Australia) are required to sit an English Language assessment before submitting an application. The assessment can be either the International English Language Testing (IELTS) Academic Test, or the Occupational English Test (OET).

Applications for registration will not be considered until all the required documentation is received. Once the necessary documentation is received, the application will be considered within 30 working days. Please do not contact the Nursing Council during this time. Council staff will contact you if the information provided is insufficient or requires clarification.

Enrolled Nurse applicants

There are very limited placements available in the enrolled nurse Competence Assessment Programmes (CAPs). This programme must be successfully completed prior to registration within the required timeframe. In addition, there are limited employment opportunities for enrolled nurses to practise in New Zealand.

Please also note that the Council has no jurisdiction in immigration matters (

If you have any questions please contact the Council with your full name:

Telephone +64-4-385 9589

Shortened nursing courses available in New Zealand have not been approved by the Nursing Council and may not lead to registration. If you are unsure whether the course you are applying for is approved by the Council, or is a pathway to registration, please contact Council staff at

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