NCLEX Exam Requirements for Foreign Nurses: A Step-By-Step Guide

What is the State Board of Nursing?
Each state has a committee called a Board of Nursing (for example, there are 50 Boards of Nursing in the U.S, one for each of 50 states). These are the people who decide if you are able to take the NCLEX and get licensed in their state.

Before you can even consider scheduling or planning where you want to take the NCLEX, you have to make your application to a State Board of Nursing.

The NCLEX exam requirements and application process:
How do I Know What NCLEX Requirements I Need to Meet?
Each state has different requirements. They will charge a fee ranging from $200-400 depending on each state. If you don’t know what state you want to be a nurse in, now is the time to choose!

In the United States, nurses don’t get licensed for the whole country. The United States has 50 states, and each nurse is usually licensed in one state at a time. That’s why the first step is to choose what state you want to apply for!

However, no matter what state you apply for, everyone takes the same NCLEX to be a nurse in the United States.

Each state’s Board of Nursing has a website where you can find out the requirements. Check out our NCLEX Requirements by State

You can get a full list of Boards (including those outside of the U.S.) on the NCSBN Board Contact page.

Where can I take my NCLEX?
All international students should also read this FAQ page on the NCSBN website to learn more about applying for the NCLEX for foreign applicants!

According to the FAQ page, “The countries and non-member board territories that currently administer the NCLEX examinations are Australia, Canada, England, Germany (not available), Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Taiwan.”

You can also search available test centers from this Pearson Vue Test Center Search.

When can I take my NCLEX?
There are no set test dates for the NCLEX that you have to plan while doing the application. You can apply and register anytime. Once you do, you can then schedule your NCLEX for a date that is comfortable for you! The only NCLEX exam requirement for foreign nurses is that there might be a 90-day time limit (you have to schedule your NCLEX within 90 days of your application’s approval).

What is CGFNS?
First, we’ll explain to you what credential evaluation means. Credential evaluation means that a company has to look at your nursing school transcripts and education history from your home country to make sure you’re qualified to even take the NCLEX. The Boards of Nursing don’t do this because it would take too much time – so they let companies like CGFNS do the job. CGFNS then sends reports to the Board of Nursing if they feel your education meets requirements.

CGFNS is the most popular and well-known company that does this. You should know that different states require different “levels” of CGFNS evaluation:

Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report
This report is less involved and cheaper than the Certificate Program or VisaScreen.

English Requirement
Secondary School Documents
Licensure Documents from your Home Country
Nursing Education Documents from your Home Country
$350 Fee
Details on CGFNS Website

CGFNS Certification Program
This evaluation is the same, but requires you to take the CGFNS Qualifying Exam.

Everything in a Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report
CGFNS Qualifying Exam14
$445 Fee
VisaScreen®: Visa Credentials Assessment
The VisaScreen has the same requirements as the Certification Program, but is meant to qualify you for getting a Work Visa, after you’ve already passed the NCLEX exam.

$540 Fee
CGFNS is not the only credentialing service! There are others that may be cheaper and still accepted by State Boards. You should first check to see if your State Board accepts these alternative companies (and let us know in the comments below!). If you decide to use CGFNS, different states require different CGFNS evaluations. You can see a chart here of which state requires which certification

. At the time of this writing, CGFNS reports cost $350.00.Alternatives to CGFNS:
International Education Research Foundation (IERF) ($350 per report, see states that accept IERF)
Educational Records Evaluation Services (ERES) ($375 basic fee)
Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. ($300 per report)
The NCLEX application process:
Other Requirements
Fingerprints: Some states require students to get fingerprints, which can be a complication if you’re currently in another country.
Social Security Number: Some states require students to have a social security number in order to apply or take the NCLEX in the first place. Other states allow you to use your visa or passport in lieu of that. Some other states have special forms for you to fill out if you don’t have a social security number. You can also learn more about how to obtain a social security number from the social security website.
English Proficiency Test: Many states require you to take either the TOEFL or IELTS test to make sure your English is fluent enough. This is usually a part of your NCLEX exam requirements for your CGFNS report. Again, follow instructions that are listed for each state and feel free to contact them for specific details.This requirement often does not apply if you attended nusing school in Barbados, Canada (except Quebec, the only schools approved for exemption are: McGill University, Dawson College, Vanier College, John Abbott College, and Heritage College), Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom or
United States, and if your nursing school and textbooks were taught in English.

for those just joining the group, i made a compilation of all my previous chats on the NCLEX process, you could read and have the basis, before we proceed to the next aspect, ensure you ask questions if you need clarity

Its good to know youve chosen the right path and people to guide you through this journey

As regards CGFNS, which is the evaluation body you would be working with prior your NCLEX examination,

It would take lots of patience as the process can be real long and sometimes not that long as it varies with different cases.

I for one went through mine in just 4months but this is not a typical time frame. I was just one of the lucky ones and yes i expedited my process with a sum of 250$ which took me just 7 working days to get my report….#note…it is not compulsory you go through this, it all depends on your timeline. How fast you want it all. Plus it aii too cause you get reimbursed when you eventually get attached to an agency. Thats of course when youve passed the NCLEX

There are lots of stages in the CGFNS process
And the first is to create an account with CGFNS connect

Which i presume you have already since you had an expired order

You can continue with this account, all you need do is make a new order.

CGFNS has three components
Thats the…. CP (Certification Program)
CES (Credential Evaluation Service)
all you should be concerned about now is the Credential Evaluation Service and we call it CES

What you need do now, whilst you await your IELTS result is make an order for a CES. You can easily get this done when you log in your account and get on the Home page of CGFNS… Its cost is 350$.

Once you have made the order for CES. You fill in the form. It contains your biodata, your education from primary to tertiary, bodies you registered with and all…..ensure you fill every detail correctly, so as not to have issues later in the future

When youve filled in every necessary detail, and youve made your attestation. You would be able to print some documents. For me i registered with TEXAS BON( we have to address this too, you need be sure of the state you want to be licensed in before you start the whole process, as you need this info for filling the form).

Once youve printed the forms. You take them to the appropriate quarters. For me Texas Bon requires i do my License Verification, transcript Validation and secondary school diploma evaluation, which i think is unique with texas Bon

As at my time which was May last year….registration with Remita, thats for NMCN license validation costs 8750 naira….dont know if its been increased. I had to travel down to have it done!! Mine was ready and was sent down to CGFNS in 2 weeks….but normally it takes like 2 to 3 months averagely, i stand to be corrected if i am wrong pls.

Then for your school, it all depends on how they operate, i wouldnt know, as i graduated from OAU and for me it just took 2 weeks for them to send it down to CGFNS

and for my School diploma. I just notarized the photocopy of my Waec result and Testimonial with a legal body and sent it down to CGFNS. This worked for me, but It might be tricky sometimes, so we advise you send your waec scratch card, so they can have access to your result. But the notarization worked perfectly for me

After all documents are out. You then wait patiently for it to received by CGFNS. Id advice you use a courier you can track. I used DHL all through it cost 12,080naira as it was more like a school process, so it came with a subsidized rate. Ensure you keep all your receipts please, as you would be reimbursed all these when you finally pass and sign with an agency( if thats part of their contract terms though)

Your documents gets to CGFNS in like 4 working days if you use DHL or FEDEX, sorry i am not familiar with others…. And when it does ensure you track the process by checking your page to know if its been updated on it

It typically takes like 3 to 4 weeks for this to be updated on your CGFNS page . At first all you would see is waiting to be received and when it is updated it changes to received

Once all the 3 basic requirements are updated on your page. Then you can now proceed to pay for an expedited service which would cost 250$ ( thats of cos if you are set to write the exam soon enough) if not it might be pointless, but then again you get reimbursed eventually, so its a win win

Whilst you are awaiting CGFNS then you proceed to get registered with TEXAS BON

This is done by a money order payment of 100$. You go to Texas BON site and fill in application for a Licensure Examination and you go for the paper not online cos you are not a resident of the state

This is a link for you to have the form printed and filled after which you have sent to them with a money order of 100$

For the money order of 100$, this payment can only be done in the USA. For me i had to send the cash over to an uncle who helped pay and i sent him my filled texas bon document too, which he attached with the money order receipt and sent to Texas Bon via courier from the state

After this is done. You wait like 7working days to have an application with them. You can as well go on their website and track your application status. You can do this by login of your date of birth and first name and last name

This is a link to check your application status, thats after 7 workings of the receipt of your paper application

So on the requirements of the TEXAS BON.

You need the CES(at this time, cgfns is at work on this) the Jurisprudence Exam and then the Criminal Background Check

This 3 basic requirements has to be met before you proceed to schedule the NCLEX

now for the Jurisprudence Exam. Its totally free. Its an open book exam and entails the rules and Regs guiding the profession in the state of Texas
There is an online course you can do for this, which comes with a fee, but personally i didnt enroll for it, i just followed instructions, used the resource list and common sense and i had 92…cut off is 75. It is a 50 question exam which is to run for 2hours. Good thing is you can take it again, if you fail it. I strongly doubt you would.

Heres a link for more info on the exam

Once you have passed, after like few hours, your texas bon page gets updated. More like youve passed the NJE(nursing jurisprudence exam)

So now the 3rd requirement is the Criminal Background check

This gave me some difficulty as at then, as it was real hard to get the finger print card. This can be provided at a very affordable rate now by the facilitators of this group. So its a huge relief.

For the criminal background check you have to paY a sum of 37$ with morphotrust, they work in affiliation with the BON. Once youve made payment, an email is sent to you, which contains the form youd print out and fill accordingly. After which you send alongside the finger print cards to IDENTOGO. The mailing address would be on the form.

This of course is after you have taken this finger print cards to a police station to have your prints on them. You send this, with the filled form to the stated mailing address on the form

It takes like 4 to 5 days for your page on the texas BON to be updated after MORPHO TRUST/IDENTOGO gets the package.

So most of the times you have your criminal background check, NJE done before the CES. As CGFNS can get frustrating sometimes. Through all these there are real tough times, where you just wanna give up, but you keep at it, thats why we are here to guide you.

Whilst all these is going on dont forget the real essence of it all, which is passing the almighty NCLEX and getting registered as a nurse in the state of Texas. When you can answer a US RN😁😍

There is the NCLEX Rebranded group of which you will be added to, where we solely prepare you for the exam. we share questions, discuss, intensively study and share first hand exam experience by Nclex passers of the group to motivate us . To be a part of this group, you need to have started your Cgfns process. This group id say contributed heavily to my success in the exam. It was like a family for me, it made me feel i wasnt alone in the hassle.

If you are set to sit for the exam. You can then make payment for the NCLEX and schedule it…..ATT(authorization to test) takes 90 days to expire. So you can schedule it within this period….it cost 200$ and then 150$ for writing outside the USA

Once youve gotten your ATT you then apply for the phillipine visa. It takes about 1 week to get it. You book and pay for your flight immediately to have it at a cheap rate, and then make hotel reservation

For the process of the visa application. I will have @Jamaro Run through that with you. As i wrote mine in the UK

For the UK visa process would find time to run through that too, for anyone who might be interested

US RN(Texas Bon)
Proudly A product of this NCLEX family.

Register with Texas Bon
100$through Money Order(Get someone in the US to run it for you, he would get the money Order, you send him the filled Texas BON form, he attaches the money orser to it and sends it to the board)

Register with CGFNS, Credential Evaluation Service (CES), cost 350$
Print out forms for License Verification, professional Transcript.

Take the forms and have it completed by the required Bodies….professional transcript for your school of nursing and license verification for NMCN.

License Verification in NMCN cost N8,750. Then you pay for Courier fee(it varies)

Professional transcript with School, (Amount Varies with different schools)
I spent 5k for the transcript and 13k for the courier

Monitor your CGFNS account for progress…you can expedite when all the documents have refelected on the page. Expedition fee is 250$. Dont worry about this, it would be reimbursed too when you finally pass the NCLEX. So just to it save time

Nursing Jurisprudence Exam. I didnt do the review lecture n i still passed excellently. So you can do the same, you dont need spend cash for that. Just read and follow instructions

After 7 working days from when the Money Order and Bon Document got to Texas BON. You can have assess to your page to track your progress. Its important you do this

Subscribe UWORLD (3months) i think its like 150$ now not sure, you can confirm that yourself and join an NCLEX review group on whatsapp for good study help

Finger Printing

You reguster with IDENTOGO, youd get the link to do this on the TEXAS Bon application form. You pay the necessary fee which is 37$. You get the finger print cards from Decency Onyekachi, i think its like 3k, i am not sure. Go to the police station, have your prints on it and fill the form which was sent to your mail after making payment. Send the finger print cards and the filled form to the Morpho Trust Address….it would be stated in the form

When all the requirement are complete. CES report available, Jurisprudence Exam passed, and criminal report(Fingerprint cards) completed, then you can apply for the NCLEX.

Call Pearson Vue and pay for your exam its 200$

After like a week you get your ATT(Authorization To Test) you call pearson Vue again and book your Exam, when you do this, since its outside the state you writing, youd pay 150$ extra, if its the UK you intend writing you pay 180$ extra

Apply for Visa either UK or Phillipines( this is another elaborate process, will explain later) UK visa is 202$

Book your flight immediately, after you get the Visa, so as to cut cost, for UK should Be like 280k

Make reservation at a hotel close by, St James Hotel is real cheap, 100k should carry you for like 5 days…you can check for better offers, just ensure its close to your test center, which is holborn, london. Thats of course if you choose to test in the UK, or you are granted the Visa. Cost of Feeding too and other necessary stuffs.

For the VISA APPLICATION will run through it later

this is like a run down of cost implications for my own process would help too

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