NCDC Accredited Covid-19 Test Centers In Nigeria For Travellers

For those travelling out of Nigeria and need COVID-19 test, below is the list of all NCDC approved covid-19 test centers in Lagos, Abuja and all States in the federation

1State Specialist Hospital, AmacharaAbiaGxpertStatePublic
2State Specialist Hospital, AmacharaOpen PCRStatePublic
3Federal Medical Centre, YolaAdamawaOpen PCRFederalPublic
4Akwa Ibom State Molecular LaboratoryAkwa IbomOpen PCRStatePublic
5COOUTH Awka Abbott LaboratoryAnambraAbbottStatePublic
6General Hospital, OnitshaGxpertStatePublic
7Bauchi Molecular LaboratoryBauchiOpen PCRStatePublic
8Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Laboratory, BauchiOpen PCRFederalPublic
9Bayelsa Molecular LaboratoryBayelsaOpen PCRStatePublic
10161 Nigeria Airfoce Reference Hospital LaboratoryBenueGxpertMilitaryPublic
11University of Maiduguri Teaching HospitalBornoOpen PCRFederalPublic
12University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, CalabarCross RiverGxpertFederalPublic
13Lawrence Henshaw, CalabarGxpertStatePublic
14Delta Mobile LaboratoryDeltaOpen PCRStatePublic
15Federal Medical Centre, AsabaGxpertFederalPublic
16Delta State Molecular Laboratory, WarriOpen PCRFederalPublic
17Alex Ekwueme Federal University Teaching HospitalEbonyiOpen PCRFederalPublic
18Irua Specialist Teaching HospitalEdoOpen PCRFederalPublic
19University of Benin Teaching HospitalOpen PCRFederalPublic
2054 GeneEkitiOpen PCRPrivatePublic
21University of Nigeria Teaching HospitalEnuguGxpertFederalPublic
22University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital LabOpen PCRFederalPublic
23NCDC National Reference LaboratoryFCTCorbas/Open PCR/GxpertFederalPublic
24Defense Reference LaboratoryCorbasMilitaryPublic
25State House Annex Clinic – NIAOpen PCRFederalPublic
26UN IOM ClinicGxpertUNPublic
27University of Abuja Teaching HospitalGxpertFederalPublic
28University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Molecular LaboratoryOpen PCRFederalPublic
29Federal Medical Centre, OwerriImoGxpertFederalPublic
30Jigawa Molecular LaboratoryJigawaOpen PCRStatePublic
31Ahmadu Bello UniversityKadunaOpen PCRFederalPublic
32Yusuf Dansoho Memorial HospitalGxpertStatePublic
33Barau Diko Teaching HospitalGxpertStatePublic
34Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa General HospitalGxpertStatePublic
35General Hospital, SaminakaGxpertStatePublic
36Aminu Kano Teaching HospitalKanoOpen PCRFederalPublic
3754 GeneOpen PCRPrivatePublic
38Bayero University, KanoOpen PCRFederalPublic
39Federal Medical Centre, Birnin KebbiKebbiGxpertFederalPublic
40State Specialist Hospital, KogiKogiGxpertStatePublic
41Sobi Specialist HospitalKwaraOpen PCRStatePublic
42Lagos University Teaching HospitalLagosOpen PCRstatePublic
43NCDC Central Public Health LabortaoryOpen PCRFederalPublic
44UN IOM ClinicGxpertUNPublic
45Nigeria Navy Reference HospitalGxpertMilitaryPublic
46Nigeria Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)Corbas/Open PCRFederalPublic
47Lagos State Biobank LaboratoryOpen PCRStatePublic
48Zankli HospitalNasarawaGxpertStatePublic
49Nasarawa State Public Health Diagnostics LaboratoryOpen PCRStatePublic
50Federal Medical Centre, KeffiGxpertFederalPublic
51GX Mobile Laboratory (WOW Truck)NationalGxpertFederalPublic
52Niger State Public Health Laboratory, MinnaNigerOpen PCRStatePublic
53FMC BidaGeneXpert labFederalPublic
5454 GeneOgunOpen PCRPrivatePublic
55OOUTH Afriglobal Medicare, OgunOpen PCRStatePublic
56Molecular and Tissue Culture Laboratory, Babcock University Teaching HospitalOpen PCRPrivatePublic
57Federal Medical Centre, OwoOndoOpen PCRFederalPublic
58African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious DiseasesOsunOpen PCRFederalPublic
59Osun State University, LaboratoryOpen PCRStatePublic
60University College Hospital, Virology Department LaboratoryOyoOpen PCRFederalPublic
61Biorepository and Clinical Virology Laboratory, UCHOpen PCRFederalPublic
62National Verterinary Research InstitutePlateauOpen PCRFederalPublic
63Plateau State Human Virology Research Center (PLASVIREC)AbbottStatePublic
64Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)GxpertStatePublic
65University of Port Harcourt Teaching HospitalRiversOpen PCRFederalPublic
66Rivers State University Teaching HospitalOpen PCRStatePublic
67University of Port Harcourt Regional Centre for Biotechnology and Bioresources ResearchOpen PCRFederalPublic
68Infectious Disease Laboratory, Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, SokotoSokotoOpen PCRStatePublic
69Taraba State Specialist Hospital, JalingoTarabaGxpertStatePublic
70General Hospital, TakumGxpertStatePublic
71General Sani Abacha State Specialist Hospital, YobeYobeAbbottStatePublic
72Federal Medical Center, GusauZamfaraGxpertFederalPublic

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