Nation Builders Corps: NABCO Updates Monday September 3, 2018

Fellow Nation Builders,

The NABCO Team wishes to congratulate all successful applicants who have confirmed their acceptance of a NABCO conditional offer of engagement.

For all other applicants, including those who received their letters of engagement during the first batch of placements but could not submit their acceptance letters by the deadline of August 31, 2018 please be advised as follows:

1. Do not panic, simply wait for the next batch of placements to commence and you will be able to print and/or submit your signed acceptance letter.

2. All other applicants have now been evaluated and verified ready for the next batch of placements this week. This group includes all the ‘no show’ and ‘pending’ applicants. Please expect to receive notifications from NABCO shortly. Second batch of placements are expected to upload acceptance of offer by Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

3. Please note also that the next batch of placements will include Feed Ghana and Heal Ghana applicants.

4. For those qualified but have not made it on this occasion, an opportunity to stay on a waiting list will be offered. It’s strictly voluntary: an applicant may accept or decline that offer.

5. Pre-deployment Orientation now scheduled for September 17 to 19 at the District Level. We will notify selected NABCO trainees in due course.

The NABCO Team entreats all stakeholders to continue to remain patient with the process.

We also take this opportunity to caution applicants to avoid engaging the services of third parties. Whenever necessary we will use the established means of contact to reach all applicants. We do not deal with applicants through middlemen: applicants who countenance the services of such persons do so at their own risk.

Applicants are advised to visit

for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

You can also visit

To check for all updates, including when the next batch of placements will be announced.

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