NANNM Response to the Patient’s Bill of Rights Animation Video

We are very much concerned with a demo made by @CPCNig and tweeted by none other person that the number 2 citizen of the country, @ProfOsinbajo which was unveiled at the launch of the Patient Bill of Rights today.

Unfortunately, we at @nannm_nigeria did not receive any invite to the ceremony and in all ramifications, the demo was in bad faith. We wish to register our displeasure which portrays the nursing profession in bad light (whether intended or not for such purpose).

It is unfortunate that while the rest of the world is shifting their focus on nursing profession via the #Nursingnow2020 project which aims to raise the profile and status of nurses and nursing, Nigerian leaders choose to denigrate these hardworking, selfless professionals.

@CPCNig, @ProfOsinbajo, @Fmohnigeria neglected real issues affecting consumer satisfaction in the health sector but rather decided to blame nurses for what they obviously had no control over. I think government officials & agencies must be responsible enough to say the truth.

When will @CPCNig and @Fmohnigeria let Nigerians know that one Nigerian nurse cares for an average of 20 patients as against the @WHO standard of 1:4? When will Nigerians be told that we have health facilities twice the number of nurses in many local governments in Nigeria?

When are we to address the fact that many health centres do not have registered nurses attached to them? When will we address the fact that many local governments have only one doctor posted there and (s)he is permanently in the local government secretariat.

When do we address the fact that Nigerian nurses& midwives are overworked and underpaid? When will we address the fact that @AsoRock has stopped funding the midwifery service scheme thus preventing many trained midwives from practicing? Or the understaffing of our hospitals?

These and many more are the real issues affecting consumer satisfaction and NOT what you erroneously portrayed. When will @AsoRock stop playing politics with citizens’ lives and address real issues by #investinginnursing? No wonder our poor ranking in health indices.

We demand that @CPCNig take down the aggravating demo from the media and apologize to nurses and nursing profession in Nigeria. That is not what nursing represent. Our present situation is sadly a reflection of the qualities of our leadership.

We are willing to work with relevant stakeholders to promote consumer rights within the health sector but no one or profession has to be denigrated in the process. Here’s a true representation of what nurses do…

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