My Frustration with UK NMC on Acceptance of Evidence 2 from African Nurses

Let me speak, may be my anger will go away


I was young but now ive grown up. I had never believed that people could change so easily. I actually thought that rules could only be broken in Africa. I thought UK was class apart.

Sincerely speaking, it was NMC that clearly stated on their website that “If a candidate was trained and examined in English with in the last two years, then they are eligible for registration.” I prepared for CBT for 10 days and crushed it at one sitting. I jubilated, gave a testimony in church, took my friends out and even told them that it was paper work that was left.


Little did i know that I was building a castle in air and my evidence two would become a matter of pleading and discussion.


Rules and rules! Its the NMC that came up with these rules and they better adhere.


My question is, if i have provided all information that i was taught and examined in English, do they think that there is another type of English that is taught in Africa?


Getting band score 7+ doesnt guarantee that someone knows English, some people just cram to pass ielts. They leave me here a Ugandan who has been taught English since i was 3 years up to university and they take someone who has just been trained to pass in 6 month.


Its not easy to pass ielts when you are a scientist especially Reading because, we arent naturally fans of long stories. That means, you cant can pass at one sitting and someone needs huge some of money to travel to OET centre. It would cost more than 2000 dollars plus accommodation.

I ielts test costs 220 dollars, which is a two month salary for an African nurse..


Lol, I dont want to question God for whatever happened but i will trust God of miracle. They wouldnt have told us from day one that evidence 2 isn’t for Africa.

😂😂😂 I feel annoyed with my 100000 village mates and friends who celebrated with me after passing CBT last December.  If God had an office here on earth, i would walk today and go and report NMC😢😢😭😭

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