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On this thread you will find mumaris online,how to register in mumaris,mumaris saudi council renewal,mumaris renewal,mumaris guide,mumaris data flow,mumaris update and scfhs registration status. This is going to be a complete thread for mumaris dataflow registration for nurses seeking to work in KSA

For mumaris dataflow and to get eligibility number check my previous post



-Good standing certificate ,
-Record of transcript ,
-Your diploma or bnsc certificate ,
-certificate of employment,
-International passport ,
-4X6 Passport .

To create account click here .Click No and accept for the question do you have Scfhs professional registration card and then choose outside KSA to access the application form

Step 1:
After you create your account successfully, Log into your Mumaris account, by enter your email as a username and the password then click on the ” Login” button.

Step 2: Place the pointer on„Classification and Registration Services‟ from the list of „E-Services‟. Click on the “Issuing of Eligibility Numbers”

Step 3: The information page will appear, read the general instruction for „Registration Card Extension‟ carefully, then click on the “Done” button.

Step 4: You will be directed to the „Practitioner Information‟ screen and pertaining data will be displayed. Complete the (Contact Information) section, then tick the checkbox acknowledging the validity of the information you have provided. Click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Step 5: Please enter all of your certificates and qualifications based on the date obtained by pressing on “New” button for each certificate.

Step 6: Upon data entry completion, press the “Save” button.
Step 7: After completing the data entry of all of your certificates, you need to select only one certificate for classification. Then press the “Next” button.

Step8: Enter your practical experiences by pressing “New” button
Step 9: Upon data entry completion, press the “Save” button.After completing the data entry of all of your experiences click on “Next”button

Step 10:In the „Attachments‟ screen, you can upload the required attachments but please make sure to upload the attachments as per the format and size displayed on your screen. Use the “Select” button to add an attachment. To proceed, press the “Next” button.

Step 11: Select your profession type and your exam general specialty , Read the clarification statement and accept it. Add any remark you may have regarding your application by pressing the “New” button and then press the “Next” button

Step 12: In the end, the screen will display your application reference number and shows your request status As ‟Submitted to SCFHS‟, click on the “Finish”button. Note: You will receive an email after reviewing your request

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