Move Nursing Education in Nigeria To The University Now

Hmmm… Took my time to peruse this… What a refreshing Tale… And what a Brilliant move by the NANSNM. A Big Kudos.!! The doggedness of our past leaders can never be underestimated and it worths emulating… Affliating nursing schools with the universities is Cool, but I’m not sure that will solve our problems (my opinion though).   NMCN shot themselves on the foot when they had an agreement with National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to award HND certificate to nursing school graduates… That’s more or less like a confirmation that we are Technicians as stated by our Government…    The major problem in Nigeria nursing system in career progression. 

Career progression is damn difficult in this profession, this isn’t just at the bachelor degree level… Do you know how long it takes to get a second degree in Nursing…?? Thank God for the recent modification as regarding the Post graduate programs. But we still have a long way to go.   

A Medical Dr can make it to the peak of his/her Career in less than 10years… The question is can a Nigeria Nurse make it to the Top in Ten years.?? I can tell you, this is practically impossible.    Straight to my Point, I’m not against affiliating, nursing schools to the universities, but creating a special program for RNs  is the best way as it is practiced in other countries. Nursing school still remain the Best route of entering into the profession, no wonder it still in existence all over the World.    The first Nursing school was brought to Nigeria exactly 70yrs ago by the UK Govt/Missionaries.

UK, Canada, US still operate their nursing schools and I’m not sure they are facing any problem or dichotomy. This is due to fact that their governments are responsible and people at the helm of the affairs know what they are doing…  

UK, Canada has a special program for the smooth transition of RNs to BNSc, they call this program Rn-Bnsc. In the UK this program is less than 2yrs in Canada it’s just 1 yr. Meaning in less than 2years,  a RN can have His degree, and in a year-18months you can can also have yr masters.   

This guys brought the education to us, why can’t we emulate them.?    What will it cost the NMCN to have a special program for the RNs.??    What are the hindrances for this to be an actualization.?? 

The rn-bnsc program is a continuation from where you stopped in Nursing school and not the repetition of the whole process…?? Most of the courses in the universities are done in Nursing schools, why  do we have to repeat all this things again.?  

It seems our leaders are so clueless about this issue as evidenced by the adoption of the rebooked HND program…   Be it ODL, DE, PT, it’s a waste of time, resources and energy and it’s unjust on our part.    If I detest anything in my life, it’s repetition of a process…  

To conclude, eradicating nursing school isn’t the way out as this may cause frictions due to some people selfish interest and that will definitely long things. Establishing a special program for Rns is still the most feasible way forward… National Association Of Nigeria Student Nurses and Midwives Statement On #moveustotheuniversity Campaign

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