Mileu Therapy: How Environment Affects the Life of Patients and Caregivers

Is scientific restructuring of environment in order to effect behavioral changes and improve the psychological health & functioning of an individual (Skinner, 1979)

Components of therapeutic environment are:


2)safety & protection

3) comfort.

For the environment to be therapeutic must have these above listed 3 components, absence of any one can affect the therapy of a pt and care giver..that is why in most case TRANSFERENCE & COUNTER- TRANSFERENCE come to exist b/w pt and care giver in which emotional feelings is being transfer between patients and his care giver! Indeed environment is very vital in pt management: Florence Nightingale’s philosophy and techniques emphasized that Healing environment assist pt in recovery!

The concept of therapeutic environment originated in 1959 with Maxwell Jones . He used the therapeutic environment as a treatment modalities that create a correction life experience & nature the healthy aspect of personality that : Manipulation of living conditions including physical facilities, types of therapy & interpersonal relationship would be effective in fostering healthy changes!


a) basic physiological needs are fulfilled

b)ppl need living &working situation that allow them to feel safe from outside instruction

c) physical facilities are conducive to achievement of goals. And

e) Democratic form of self government exist!

Sincerely speaking the situation we are now in this very institution is not therapeutic, the principal of therapeutic environment is no longer in existing, if the environment become therapeutic and attractive to the staff the organizational goal could be achieved no matter the situation. People left their towns/States and their families to the environment where they think they will spent most of their lives but all in vain… Those responsible should fear Allah and make our environment therapeutic and attractive! For a employee to feel at home and proud of what he is doing environment must be conducive , if not the organizational goal may not be achieved!

I M calling with a strong voice as a Mental healthy/psychiatric nurse that people should fear God avoid using their temporary opportunity and making our environment non-therapeutic, & do anything possible that may promote the wall fare of the employees so that the therapeutic environment and organizational goals could be achieved!

When we are today we are not tomorrow! We will all account for our action on the day of judgment! Long live FTH KT , long live federal republic of Nigeria!

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