“Men Are not Coming to Propose Marriage to Us” -Female Nurses in Ghana Cry Out

A group of female Nurses in Ghana have lamented that Ghanaian men are not coming forward to ask them out on a date nor talk of asking for their hand in marriage.

The Nurses who are gainfully employed and reaped for marriage are now filled with anxieties and fears because the men are not forthcoming.


They told Fnnewsonline.com;


“We are ready for marriage but the men are not coming forward to propose marriage. They just want to have fun with you and go. We have grown past that level now. What we want now is marriage, not fun”.


Some of them in an attempt to find answers to as why men are not coming forward have concluded that they are in this situation because of the negative perceptions men have that Nurses are bad and promiscuous.


“Most men think nurses are spoiled and disrespectful but that is not the case. We are only serious with our jobs. We try to put some respect on ourselves which men misunderstood for disrespects”.


Others had also concluded that men are scared of the successful career women because they feel intimated.


Source: www.Fnnewsonline.com

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